Saturday, 16 February 2019

Tando - Love and Hearts

For this week's theme of Love and Hearts on the {Tando Blog} I have made a birthday card for my dad:

As seems to be the case with all of my creating lately, I've given the heart from the {Distressed Hearts Pack} multiple layers of acrylic paint and used some crackle paint before I've come across something I liked. I've also added a text stamp, paint dots and doodles onto the heart.

I took a heart charm and altered the colouring by adding {Quinacridone Gold} and rubbing it off slightly.

For the background, I stamped onto the card and then inked through the {Giraffe Mini Mask} before adding some paint splats and a computer printed greeting.

Friday, 8 February 2019

Tando Colour Theme - February

This month's colour theme for the {Tando Blog} is:

I've started with gesso on the {Artists Trading Coin} and then loads of layers of coloured acrylic paints as I couldn't get anything I was happy with. The best thing about Tando Greyboard is that it's so strong and can take a good battering. Once I was happy, I used the {Bubbles Stencil}around the edge and used a text stamp randomly.

I then used the small heart from the {Scribbles} sheet and sprayed it with ink. Once dry it had a thick covering of {Clear Liquid Glass}, finishing off with dots in Posca White pen and some words cut from a book.

Friday, 11 January 2019

Tando Stencils on Hochanda

Last month, {Tando Creative} launched some stencils in a stencil holder on Hochanda and we decorated some for samples.
The {Stencils and Covers} are available individually allowing you to pick which ones you'd like.

I used the {Numbers} and {Rings} with some {white modelling paste}. Once dry, I gave it a coat of {white gesso} and then went to town with paints, pens and stamps.

Friday, 4 January 2019

Tando Colour Theme - January

I'm aiming to try and do more art this year, so what better than do things for the design team I'm meant to be a part of! I'm doing the monthly colour challenges for {Tando Creative} for a start and this is the first theme:

I'm going to do a series of {Artist Trading Coins}:

I started by using {White Modelling Paste} through the {Flourish Mini Mask} and when dry, {white gessoed} over the whole thing. 
I then added layers of paint until I was happy (it took a bit, I'm out of practise). I finished with doodles, a stamped image and some words from a book.

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Tando Anything Goes - Travel Journal

I've actually made something for the {Tando Blog}and I've used the {Kate Crane 7 Piece Planner} as a travel journal.

I used {Decoart White Modelling Paste} through the {Letters Stencil} on the front cover and once dry, I used a selection of acrylic paints to decorate this, 3 of the dividers and the back.


I've used the {Dotstream Stencil} on every page.

I've used a variety of self made foam stamps and other stamps.

Each page has similar and different elements. And lots and lots of doodling.

Using this planner means it's easier to write info and add photos later without having to leave space like in a book style journal.

And, of course, I made a mistake.... drew the heart upside down!

I don't think it'll be looking so tidy once I stick the photos in there. I seem to have ordered rather a lot! I've ordered them in the polaroid style which will be perfect for the size of the journal as the inside pages are A5.

This lovely lot took me away with them and I love them for doing so as it's not easy taking someone who uses a wheelchair and has health issues away with you. They look after me extremely well and I try very hard to be as easy as possible to be with. Plus, of course, I bring with me wheelchair perks at the airports (well, they were a bit adrift over there) and a disabled parking badge.

It takes a lot of planning and effort on my part. And a lot of painkillers, cushions and a TENS machine all wrapped up in a huge dose of adrenaline. Staying in a house rather than a hotel also helps loads as I can chill whenever I need to in comfort.

Payback is being a bitch, but I have lovely memories to think about while I ride it out. I'm extremely lucky to have the support of my fabulous family and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Kaz xxx

Friday, 19 January 2018

Tando Anything Goes

For this week's Anything Goes theme, I'm sharing a card I made for my mum's birthday:

I soaked one of the {Butterflies} for about an hour in water, then very carefully separated it into thin pieces and left them to dry completely. This was a whiteboard piece so I had the white layer as well.

I painted the greyboard parts with gesso and when dried, sprayed one of these and the white layer with the inks I'd sprayed onto the card base.

The other gessoed layer was stamped on using one stamp from the {Mish Mesh Stamp Set}.

I stamped and embossed onto the top layer and then stuck the layers together making sure every layer could still be seen.

I took a heart from the {Mini Hearts Set} and painted it then sprayed with spray ink. Once dry, this had a thick coat of {Liquid Glass}.

Everything was then stuck onto a card. The feathers are actually post it notes!

Kaz xxx

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Tando - January Colour Theme

We're starting off the new year with a colour theme and I'm showing a card I made for Di's appearance on Hochanda yesterday:

As yet, these products aren't in the Tando Store.

I've used PVA glue to create the crackle on the heart and painted and stamped the butterfly.

The basis simply an ink spray through a circle template and brown paint splats.

Kaz xxx