Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Spray Inks for Tando

This week on the Tando Blog we're using spray inks. I made this quick card: 

I've masked off some of the Giraffe Stencil to make it smaller, then masked off the card completely before spraying lightly with spray ink.

I've used 4 different colours of spray ink onto one of the Mini Hearts until I got the mixture I wanted. Doing this, the heart was so wet the front and back layers came off so I now have 2 more hearts to use. I've inked the edges of the heart and stamped onto it.

I sprayed one of the Mini Clocks with black spray ink. Once this was dry, I've lightly dabbed the clock and added Aged Copper Embossing Powder and heated. 

I've torn washi tape and added it to the card blank, then stuck everything in place, finishing off with a stamped greeting.

Thursday, 9 January 2020

Tando January Colour Theme

For this year's colour themes on the Tando Blog I'm going to be doing Twinchies as two different sets were released late last year.

This is the first colour theme:

I painted the base of the twinchie dark blue and then used PVA glue to crack the beige paint. 

I've painted a Mini Butterfly then stamped and doodled onto it before finishing off with a stamped word.

Very quick and easy apart from the glue drying.

Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Tando December Colour Theme

This month's colour theme for the {Tando Blog} is this gorgeous set:

I've given the {Artist Trading Coin} a coat of {White Gesso} then added {White Crackle Paste} that I'd mixed with some acrylic paint to, across parts of it.

Once dry, I blended acrylic paint over the base and added ink to show up the cracks. Then added some paint dabs and doodles.

I've painted some {Mini Snowflakes} white and added glitter glue onto them.

Here's all 12 of them from this year:

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Tando November Colour Theme

The colour theme for this month on the {Tando Blog} is probably my fave of all year:

I took some of the inner pieces for the new {Twinchies - Organic} and stuck them onto an {Artist Trading Coin} then gave everything a coat of {White Gesso}.

I then blended various acrylic paints over the ATC until I was happy.
Once dry I stamped a text stamp onto the light turquoise (which you can't see on the photo).
I then dabbed white paint onto the raised bumps.
I dotted paint around the edges and then used gold watercolour paint onto the dots to make them sparkle.
It's finished off with one of my fave Stampotique stamps, a word and some doodles.

Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Tando October Colour Theme

This is the colour theme for this month on the {Tando Blog}:

Here's another {Artist Trading Coin}

I scraped a very thick layer of {Crackle Medium} over the Spider Web Stencil and left it to dry.
Next was some orange acrylic paint and when that was dry some purple acrylic paint which I wiped into the cracks and off some of the coin. I continued these 2 layers until I was happy with the result.

I painted 2 of the {Mini Bats} with Payne's Grey and pale grey paints then added doodles to the coin and the bats.

I finished off with a stamped phrase.

Monday, 23 September 2019

Hochanda Monday on Tando

On the {Tando Blog} on Mondays we show things we've made for Hochanda shows. So here's a couple of cards from way back in 2017:

I painted the {Whimsical Bird 1} with acrylic paints and added lots of doodles. I used painted text pages and drew around the clouds from the old garden stencil then cut them out and used a computer generated greeting.

Again I used acrylic paints in layers with lots of blending for the {Whimsical Bird 2} and added paint dots and lots of doodles.
I cut a circle from scrap paper and used spray inks through the centre and added splats and a computer generated greeting.

Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Tando September Colour Theme

This is the colour theme for this month on the {Tando Blog}:

I thought I'd have a go at something different for me. I've still used an {ATC coin}, but just layered it up with lots of bits and pieces.
I've used a bit of bandage type stuff then the grid from the {Grid Round}, various metal embellishments, a key from the {Mini Keys} and a {Cog}.
It looks a total mess to start with.

I gave it a few coats of my very thick gesso until it was completely white and then used watercolours to colour various parts. I built up the layers gradually.