Saturday, 31 March 2007

new storage

I had a mad fit just over a month ago because I was permanently in a right mess with my craft stuff. Just the usual really that I've got too much stuff and not enough storage for it and I couldn't see the futon beneath the mound of papers and tools etc.

So armed with the Ikea brochure I started planning what to buy within my price range. The only thing I didn't plan was how to get it all into dad's car! It was a bit of a squeeze, but we managed it somehow. It took a week to put it all together and sort everything as it takes sooo long to get anything done these days, but it was worth every penny. It looks so much more organised (provided you don't actually look inside the boxes) and I haven't had to have a tidy up since!! I wonder how long it'll last?!


Di said...

Wow Kaz, your storage looks fab. I think I'll be showing DH your pics so he can get cracking on some storage here eh!!!

Kaz said...

Thanks Di, it's amazing how much quicker it is making something now it's organised and I don't have to keep getting off my arse to get things!!

I think I visit to Ikea may be approaching for you!!

Unknown said...

Wow Kaz! You look super organised now! Got any of the organisation medicine left that you can left me have? You ain't seen my conservatory! Actually neither have I properly for a while! ;)

Rachel said...

Hiya Kaz

wow your crafty space looks fab, so neat and organised - dont ya just love IKEA.

take care and happy crafting

Beth said...

You've sorted your storage out brilliantly Kaz. It makes a big difference when you can find things then, lol. Not enough storage space for mine either.