Wednesday, 4 April 2007

waterfalls and ribbons

I went to my first ever craft workshop yesterday to learn how to make waterfall cards. I've read how to do them online but have always had a mental block as soon as I've got to how many to cut and what sizes. It was at a local craft shop and was great fun and I'm planning on going to more, even though I had to go straight to bed when I got in!

The green card on the left was done at the workshop, and the pink one I made last night so I didn't forget how to do it (ok so I was still excited about going out to a craft thing).

Meanwhile the wedding ribbon saga continues. When I got asked to do the order of services as well, I ordered the ribbon from the same shop on ebay only to be refunded the following day as they didn't have the colour option I wanted until mid May (after the wedding). I went online and eventually found two shops selling the ribbon. Naturally the first one was the cheaper option, plus it was fairly local. After two weeks I called to find out what was happening to be told - didn't you get our e-mail? We can't get it till mid May-!!

I went to the second option and she had exactly the amount I needed so I was a very happy bunny. Until I opened the parcel today. It's a different colour and the glittery hearts are silver not gold. So I've sent a small sample to see if it's acceptable and meantime I'm about to go googling in the desperate hope of finding exactly the right one. Wish me luck!!


Di W said...

The cards are gorgeous Kaz. Now that you've got the hang of it, there will be waterfalls coming out of your ears!! Hope you solve the ribbon problem soon!

Di said...

Fabulous cards Kaz. What a pain about the ribbon, hope you get is sorted!

Unknown said...

So Kaz...... are you going to do the instructions for Bubbly Funk now you are the Waterfall Expert? I haven't a clue where to start so am looking forward to them!

Kaz said...

Karen's already written an article for the site on them. I just had a mental block as soon as numbers came into it!!