Monday, 11 June 2007

oooo bargain buttons

I was hoping to go to the next town at some point to go to the haberdashery shop where they have masses of buttons and ribbons, but it's not always easy to go to a shop as I rely on my parents for lifts and they are busy doing lots of other bits and I'm not always up to it. So I just happened to mention to Mum that next time they go could I try and come as I wanted to get buttons. Well she did one better than take me there, she gave me her pot of buttons to take my pick!! And look at the job lot I've got! It's saved me a fortune (well to me its a lotta dosh).
It was a real trip down memory lane sorting through them as some buttons have been there since I was a child and Lynne and I would play sweet shops with them or just sit and sort them into colours. I'm planning on sorting them again to make it easier to find them. There are 3 pink ones which have taken my eye and neeeeeeeeed to be used ASAP!!


Unknown said...

Made me smile when I read this post Kaz. My nan used to have a button drawer that I used to look through and play with when I was little. Happy stash hunting my darling! xx

Samm said...

hmmmmm.....lurrrvvvelellly buttons.