Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Been a bit busy

You may have noticed I've changed my blog name. I thought it was appropriate seeing as I often have a tendancy to veer towards the left. In everything. Maybe one of my tyres needs pumping up a bit. Who knows. It does however give me some leniancy to be skewiffed and that makes me happy!

I've been getting a bit panicky lately over my decision to make a lot of my presents this year, especially as I accepted an order for 2 notebooks.

The left PP is doodlebug and the right is autumn leaves. All flowers by prima and ribbons by ribbon oasis.

Mum's birthday is next week so I've started on her cards. This one is for nan to give to her and for a change I've gone for a very simple look.

The stamp is by stamps away and I've layered a couple of inner bits for definition. Please don't tell me it's decoupage, I don't do it!!

I've also done some birth announcement cards for Helen for when her baby is born. It's due on the 13th, but I'm hoping she'll go into labour while I'm staying with her later this week!

The baby stamp is by stamps away and is so cute. The text stamp is one from a pack I got ages ago I think its pixie expressions or something. We're going to do the inserts while I'm there as I need to double check the wording.

Tomorrow I've invited the people in my ME group over for a pre-Christmas cuppa and get together as the programme has now finished and there's a danger we might lose touch. The only trouble is, we can only say if we'll go anywhere on the day, so hopefully a few will make it otherwise I'll have to eat all the cakes and biscuits myself!!


Jane said...

Good luck for your coffee morning hope everyone makes it. your cards are beautiful. Jane x

Igotmebabe said...

Hope you had a nice coffee morning,love the name change, suits you well and I can say that because when I veer its to the left as well :)