Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Happy New Year!

I had a great time at Christmas while staying at my sister's, but it seems by the following photos that the monkey's had more fun.
It started with a fight to get one of them into the wrapping paper

but finally I managed it and Twisty took advantage of having the upper hand over the newbies

They were both welcomed with open arms by Rach

and Lucy, who found a lovely jumper for Cheeky as she has called him, which is appropriate as she is that herself

One of them started trying it on with the ladies immediately and scored with my nan!!

They then hunted down the chocs and started to make themselves at home

Cheeky found the bucks fizz

The other one, who may be called Woolie, needed to go out to walk off the dinner, but was shocked at how cold it was and needed lots of TLC

There was plenty more monkeying around, especially when there was chocolate to be had

Sadly for the one who may be Woolie, the sprouts had a bit of an effect on his nether regions, and he needed a few stitches to stop the leakage

Could this be any more humiliating?!!

My nieces and I had such a laugh with them all and it's been difficult picking which photos to blog as there were so many!

I hope you all had a great Christmas, and have a Happy New Year!


Unknown said...

Excellent post Kaz!

You made me smile ;-)

Have a great 2008 honey!

Angelnorth said...

ROFL - brilliant! They look like they're doing yoga in that first picture and I love the brussel sprout anecdote :o)

Happy New Year!

Monkee Maker said...

Great photos there Kaz .... not too sure about the Nan/Monkey snogging though ;)

I hope you and your family and friends (knitted or otherwise) are having a great New Year.


Janice said...

Love these pics Kaz, good to see the monkees have gone to a good home.


Di said...

Brilliant Kaz, you have really made me smile.

Anonymous said...

I love those monkey capers Kaz, so funny! I really want to knit one after seeing yours, so I must get those knitting needles out I think....x

Jane said...

Love the monkeys, looks as though they and you had fun, kissing grandma! Jane x

Mrs Moog said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Great post Kaz! Those sprouts can do that to a person. Good job you were around for some emergency surgery. Nice to see Grandma having fun ;)
Happy New Year!
Lesley xx

Dawn Wheeler said...

Fabulous phots of the naughty monkeys LOL,
love the one with the chocolates and bucks fizz ,Dawnx

Penny said...

Hee-hee, love your cheeky monkeys!! And a very happy and relaxed 2008 to you!