Thursday, 28 February 2008

Auction for Ellie

As I mentioned in the previous post, I've put a canvas into the auction that's over on Bubblyfunk for Ellie Wiseman. There are some lovely bits up for grabs and best of all, it's all for a very good cause. Here's the info:
For those that don't already know and as a reminder for those that do. An auction has been arranged over at {Bubbly Funk} to help raise funds for Kirsty Wiseman to send her daughter to the USA to get some diagnosis and treatment that she has been unable to find in the UK.We have decided to hold a little Auction for the {Ellenor Wiseman Trust}. If you are a {Bubbly Funk Forum Member}, you can view items for auction. If not, please visit the {Fotopix} site where you can see what is available.You can bid on so many different items, many of which have been handmade with love. There is even a scrapbook layout by the lovely Kirsty Wiseman herself!If you are interested in bidding for anything, again please email Caroline either through the 'Contact Us' page on {Bubbly Funk} , or via PM on the Forum. Auction bids to be received by Caroline by Mon 3 March, 7pm when the auction will be officially closed.


Kitty said...

... Off to check out Bubbly Funk right away. Thanks for the tip off. x

Mrs Moog said...

Oooh, off to have a good look!!! Thanks for the links Kaz :)