Friday, 29 February 2008

He's free!

I finally managed to finish Mum's Mother's Day pressie today. In all it's taken a week!! Most of that time was taken trying to work out how to do it as I've never made a bag before even though I've been wanting to for ages.

I used an article in Craft's Beautiful magazine, but found the description of how to do it confusing as there weren't pictures of doing the corners and this was the bit I got stuck on. Luckily the laptop came back in time for me to find a tutorial online. And now I know, it seems very stupid of me to not have got it!

I used the fabric I got from ebay that I covered a canvas with for my kitchen.

I'd decided to do mum a knitting bag as she has got back into knitting again recently and is using a very old bag (not me). Mum taught me to knit when I was a child and she also taught me to sew, so I wanted to make something for her for her hobbies. Mum used to make a load of mine and Lynne's clothes when we were smaller and I still love the smell you get when you iron new fabric.

To show the size, the hairy one volunteered to get into the bag. Speaking of the hairy one, I've spent a long time trying to work out if it's male or female and he looks male to me, apart from the colouring of his fur coat, which led my weird brain on a bit of a wander.....

.......finally ending with another male who liked fur coats and other lady coloured clothing......

...........and so from now on he will be known as Mr Humphries.

Twisty has felt very left out with all this fur talk and kidnapped the WIP.

Finally I finished a rabbit for Holly, the new baby who arrived last week. Don't look too closely at the mouth, I did it about 5 times before I got something resembling a happy face!


Mrs Moog said...

Kaz, that bag is just gorgeous!!! I'm sure your Mum will be really thrilled with it.

Mr Humphries? Perfect :) I have to say 'lady-coloured clothing' had me giggling!

Your little rabbit is beautiful and a lovely new baby gift.

Lovely stuff :)

Lesley xx

Janice said...

John Inman would have been so proud to have been associated with the hairy one - pity he is no longer with us! Great bag, they are a bit tricky especially if you are lining them, your mum will be pleased that the skills she passed on are being used so well. My mum taught me to sew as well, but she couldn't knit for toffee!

Angelnorth said...

Great bag for your Mum, I'm sure she'll love it. Mr Humphries looks fantastic and I do see what you mean about him looking more male than female - is that just a monkey thing, do you think?

Lovely bunny, too. Tip for doing the mouth next time - try doing a vertical stitch straight under the nose and then a sort of W shape underneath it. I find that little bit of distance from the nose helps to get a happy face :o) HTH!

Locket Pocket said...

Hooray for Mr Humphries! Perfect naming there!

Love your bunny too. Lucy x

Kitty said...

Hahahahaha at Mr Humphries - what a perfect name for a fluffy purple monkey :-D

The bag is wonderful. I too have promised myself I'll 'try' to make a bag - I really really will. At some point. Probably.

Cute bunny - am sure the baby will love it. x

Jane said...

I love your choice of name for the hairy one, Your bag is beautiful and i'm sure your Mum will love it. Your bunny is very cute too hope she is a hit too. Jane x

Penny said...

LOL at Mr Humphries!! Cute bag, your Mum will love it I'm sure :)

Hazel said...

The bag is great - love the photos! lol! And bunny is very special.

Monkee Maker said...

Hi Kaz,

Loving Mr Humprhies and the knitting bag. In fact .... loving Mr Humprhies IN the knitting bag!

Also, I'm very envious of you working on another hairy w-i-p. I have three on the needles currently and I haven't touched them in AGES. Don't you find the hairy yarns a pain to work with and even worse to sew up?


Unknown said...

You have a very lucky mummy to receive such a fab knitting bag.

Also - Hello to the oficially name Mr Humphries! How appropriate! LOL


Anonymous said...

To quote another "lady coloured clothing wearer" "ooo you are awful but I like you" LOL Dick Emery.

Kaz your Mum is a lucky lady.

Deb said...

beautiful bag, clever you, that sewing machine is certainly coming in handy!

AC said...

Mr Humphries...the perfect name:-) love the bunny and the bag as well.
Take care,

Anonymous said...

lol Mr Humphries so suits a purple hairy monkee!!!! All he needs now is a floppy hat lol