Thursday, 20 March 2008

Hairy the second

I finally finished my second hairy one at the beginning of the week, and now he has arrived at his new home I can put some pictures of him up as he was made as a surprise for Tony. Here he is in all his glory before I wrestled him into the box for posting. (Notice how I've not got his legs near to each other as there was a bit of a mishap with the leg length).

He was welcomed with a nice cuppa - in a very apt mug - and a bacon and egg toastie (Tony knows how to do breakfast), and went online to check up on the guys he left behind.

He appears to have taken over the xbox already and got himself an account sorted.

And finally, he has made friends with the wildlife in Brum (Tess is not keen on having her photo taken, can you tell?!) Friends for life I reckon. I'm just not too sure how keen Tony is to have to share the xbox box with somebody else!!

How cute is Tess? I keep asking if I can have her, but no joy yet!

While he was here and waiting for limbs, he reminded me of something and it took a while before I realised who it was. Have a look-see { HERE }


Locket Pocket said...

He is VERY hairy and VERY gorgeous! Hope you have a good Easter! Lucy x

Janice said...

oh I did enjoy the Parsley the Lion clip - you are right, I think he must have some lion genes lol.
Maybe you should make a green hairy monkee!


Angelnorth said...

He needs a slightly altered headset, doesn't he? That one's band is just a bit too long for his ear positioning *haha* He looks very happy in his new home though, does he have a happy name, too?

Mrs Moog said...

He's lovely Kaz and does bear a striking resemblance to Parsley!!

Looks like he's settled in nicely over at Tony's - not sure the poor dog is too keen though!

I hope you have a lovely Easter and eat lots of chocolate!

Unknown said...

I think Tony should call him Parsley because of the similarity.

Your link lead me to watching Hector's House, The Double Deckers (which I still remember far too many of the words to) and the banned episode of Rainbow, which incidentally Jacob watched too and almost wet himself laughing at the inuendo! PMSROFL


Igotmebabe said...

Awwww Tony got his monkey and Tess got a new hairy friend. Hope he is well looked after, easy on the fry ups Mr D :)
He is adorable Kaz.

tracy said...

he so lovely,i wish i could knit!!!

he looks very happy there,and i'm sure tess will come round to him soon :)

Kitty said...

Awww, that was fab seeing Parsley the Lion from The Herbs - took me right back! :-D

That hairy monkey is fabulous, you clever thing.

Hope you have a lovely Easter weekend. x