Saturday, 22 March 2008

Yet more anniversary cards, and something slightly disturbing

Today I made mum and dad's anniversary cards to each other, which means I now have 3 more to make and 1 to finish off, so there is a bit of light now.

I've used basic grey papers for both cards. The one to mum is from the new sultry range which is gorgeous. I couldn't justify getting the 12x12 set as I have way too many papers already, so I went for the 6x6 set instead. The heart is maya road chipboard and the flower is from my stash.

This one for dad uses the two scoops paper, again with a maya road heart and the ribbon came from a swap we did on Bubblyfunk Forum.

Tony sent me a photo he took when he caught his monkee checking out naughty knitted monkey shots online. Mr H tried to prevent Twisty from being corrupted. I swear I didn't raise that monkee on naughty pictures, it really must be Tony's influence on him!


Kitty said...

Well ... call me strange (go on - lots of people do) but I'd never heard of knitted porn before. It conjures up all sorts of visions! I shall look quite differently at women buying yarn in future, and wonder what, precisely, they're going to make with it :-O

Fabulous cards - as always.


Unknown said...

OOh Kaz! I don't have that BG paper but by the looks of it I may have to go shopping!

Monkey porn?! OMG!!!!! rofl

tracy said...

OMGosh,that monkey deff needs watching,i'm a bit worried that he's going to take tess down with him!!!!

georgous cards as always :)

Locket Pocket said...

Very Worrying! I think you should get MonkeyLine's number!

Lucy x

Beth said...

Beautiful cards as always Kaz. Love your green anniversary to hubby one, very nice indeed. Money is fabulous too, your soo clever, with lots of imagination. Well done lovely. XXXXX

Beth said...

Sorry lovely, I missed a "k" from monkey, lol. DOH!!

Mrs Moog said...

I love the cards you've been making Kaz and those BG papers are gorgeous!

Those monkeys really can't be left for a minute - as soon as your back is turned they're up to no good. Time for Tony to change his security settings to maximum!!


Monkee Maker said...

I'm glad to see that Mr H is being so responsible ..... and getting in a quick peek at the same time!


Lil Ol Me said...

Oh my your monkee is sooo naughty! I really want a monkee as I am monkee mad but I cant knit and the monkee maker always sells out too fast :¬(
Thanks for your comment on my blog, I would like to email you and have a chat. By the way I love your cards.