Monday, 7 April 2008

arteypico award

This award has been given to me by {ELLEN} and I have to give it to five people who inspire me, which is incredibly difficult as I get inspiration from so many people in blogland.

I am going to give it firstly to all the girls on {BUBBLYFUNK} who always inspire me to try new things and who are willing to give help and advice on all types of papercrafts.

Of these people, I am going to give it separately to {KAREN} as she has only just started her blog and I think it's time she had an award!!

The next person is that very funny and slightly mad {MONKEEMAKER} whose blog I came across while I was having a really rough spell and made me laugh so much (which did knacker me out even more, but who cares, we all need a laugh). It's down to her that I have started knitting after only doing it badly as a child, and who is responsible for my addiction to monkees made of knit.

I'm going to put two people together here as it would be hard to separate them. So {LUCY LOCKET} and {MOOGSMUM who together are known as {LOOS-LEY CRAFTING}. These two have inspired me to start sewing again. The only sewing I have done since school was turning up my work uniforms and turning up some curtains when I cocked up the measurements and both of those were over 9 years ago now.

And the last person I am awarding it to is {KITTY} who makes the most amazing sock monkeys and has a hamster with unfeasably large cheek pouches.

Speaking of sewing, I made this purse today from a link I got off Moogsmum's blog to a {fab tutorial} I only had a 5inch zip which made the whole thing a bit more fiddly than I'd have liked for a first attempt. However, curtesy of ebay, I now have some bigger zips heading my way and hopefully then I'll make another one in the same material for mum to match her Mother's Day bag, and so she can actually fit something into it.

I also made this card today and it was back in the comfort zone again with papers once more! Janette's daughter Katie is 18 next week. So Janette, don't let her peek!!

I used this week's sketch from {CPS} and papers from the new BG cupcake range (yes I've been buying more papers!!

Note to my PIFFERS: bear with me, I'll get something out to you, but it won't be just yet so you have a bit of breathing space before it's your turn.


Monkee Maker said...

Dear of you! Thanks, Kaz, for the award and for the lovely things you said ... about me being mad ... that kind of thing .... no really, I'm tearing up ....

Huge thanks, and now please stop showing me up by knocking out these monkees (as it were) like there's no tomorrow!


ps. Quentin is fab!

Twiggy said...

Well done on your award. I had to visit your blog as I love your blog name :) Great blog, some lovely stuff here
Twiggy x

Igotmebabe said...

She is gonna love that card, it is so "her"

Kitty said...

PIFFERS ... what a splendid word. That's fab.

Gorgeous card, gorgeous 'pouch' (bit like Herbie's ;-) ) and I'm so pleased you are sewing. Sewing is brilliant! I shall send you a bunny and dress to sew, shall I? :-D

Thank you so much for the award - I am half way through a post (not yet published) in which I pass the very same award your way, so much mutual blackslapping and hugs I think? :-D (((K)))

Take care. x

Janice said...

Aw thanks for the award Kaz. Sadly my monkee has not progressed since the train journey and is loitering on his needles in a Tesco bag (a good use-it-again one). You going to report me again :o

Angelnorth said...

Awww, nice to know BF is an inspiring place to be! The purse and the card both look great Kaz, the bright colours on the paper make for a really cheery-looking 18th!

Locket Pocket said...

Wow Kaz - thanks for the award! I'm very glad that the mad woman (Moogsmum) and I have got you back to sewing! Something to be proud of me thinks!

Karen said...

Awe thanks for the award Kaz me dear...really appreciated XXX

Unknown said...

So lovely of you to share your award Kaz.x

Great to see you back in the land of cutting and sticking paper. Although I love your wollee monkees, I love your cards too.


Mrs Moog said...

Oooh thanks for our award Kaz - I'm so pleased we've inspired you :) Your zippy purse is gorgeous and I love the fabric!

I'm playing catch up with blog reading which is why I've only just popped by!