Friday, 11 April 2008

Things I have learnt

I learnt that I can't tell one rabbit from another! Apparently the photos of the bunnies on the last post were both Mopsy. Lucy was reading out the post to Lynne last night and they both said at the same time 'that's not Pepper'.

Well silly me!! So to make amends, here is a picture of Pepper (and Mopsy hiding behind the box). Of course she has longer ears!!

I also learnt that just saying to a 9 year old 'don't read that naughty word' will make them say 'shit' with as much emphasis as possible.

I also learnt not to let said 9 year old talk to Tony on MSN about the bunnies as he will only ask her if auntie Kaz has shown her her rabbit!!!

And lastly, I found that although she finds it funny when Mr H plays peekaboo and goes mad when Rach has a banana, my sister thinks I'm sad because I happen to have said I might talk to the monkees when I'm at home. Please MM tell me this is normal behaviour.

*please take into account that I live on my own when reading the last comment*


Kitty said...

And does YOUR rabbit have long ears too? ;-) x

Unknown said...

hahahaha! Kaz. Hope you told Tony to BUZZZZZZ off for telling your niece to show her your rabbit. OMG!!! I just thought - you DIDN'T show her did you?! lmfao!

Mrs Moog said...

Naughty Tony!!

Talking to monkees made of knit is entirely acceptable behaviour. I love in a houseful of people and the only sensible conversation I get is with Ruby Monkee!!!

Lesley xx

p.s. thank you so much for my beautiful card!

Karen said...


You do make me laugh darling XXXXX