Friday, 11 April 2008

Things we have made

Yesterday, Lucy the magpie found the felt I had brought up for us to do stuff with.

I pinched the idea (I would have put that with lines through but I don't know how to), sorry that should read, was inspired by Moogsmum to teach Lucy how to embroider a picture onto fabric. Naturally, the picture had to be of the bunnies. It was solely Lucy's idea to make a cushion.

On one side we have the bunnies with their names. Although at the moment we can still see some of the writing, we are going to hide that with felt hearts and some prima flowers that I'll donate.

On the other side, we have Lucy's name and a very lovely heart.

I then showed her blanket stitch, and left her to finish the cushion, only coming back to help her with the stuffing.

But was she finished? Oh no, not at all. She has sat today and made this gorgeous butterfly for her mum for when she gets in from work.

Lucy has been inspired by Sausage monster's idea of designing, making and selling her own things, so is now working on a flower to boost her savings. She has disappeared at various points to go bounce on the trampolene between rain showers and go check on the bunnies. I had to help her with the bunnies of course especially with the stroking etc. They stick their noses through the cage now as they expect you to arrive with bits of parsley. I swear that Pepper (greedy guts) has doubled in size over the last few days. If she carries on at this rate she may compete in size with the cat from The Goodies. Mopsy has also got a new nickname of Houdini as she has escaped once and is continually digging. Then when she comes is the house she seems to be dropping dirt and grit while humming the tune from the great escape.

Over to Lucy now as she wants to say something:

i was inspired by my bunnys and by my love of all things sguigy

and i thought that i would sell some and most people love flowers if you want to have ago at making something like this go ahead its so much fun!!!.

Thanks Lucy!! I got told off as I started sewing her flower while she was typing!!

So, apart from annoying my nieces, I've done a couple of things. I finished off this bag charm which is for part of my friend's 40th birthday pressie. The dragonfly was on a bracelet that needed chopping up!! (I got it as a freebie).

I also managed to get some felt back to make these flowers that I'm planning to sew on a zipped purse once the bigger zips arrive. I'm hoping to have a parcel waiting for me tomorrow when I get back!


Janice said...

Oh how lovely to have someone to teach your craft to. Lucy has done very well with her stitching and obviously has an entrepreneurial spirit!
Your own work isn't too shabby either hee hee

Kitty said...

Note to Lucy: Well done! You are now well on your way to being a Crafty Blogger! Lovely stitching.

Note to Kaz: As always, lots of lovely 'doings' there Missus - have I not noticed the subtle sig on the pictures before or is it new?


Unknown said...

Lucy, your work is lovely darling. Fabulous stitching. No doubt it wasn't aunty Kaz that taught you how to sew! Lol xx

Monkee Maker said...

Lots of lovely felty goodness here today, Kaz, and it's great that your niece has caught the crafting bug.

I love the felt flowers and look forward to seeing them on a purse.

Your photo watermark is really cool too (very impressed with your skills there .... maybe you could spill how you did it?)


ps. Talking to your monkees is COMPLETELY rational, I do it all the time. (Well, they don't answer back. .... very often)

pps. In return for spilling how you do the watermark do-dah here's a quite tute about striking through ....

Say you want to type "Monkee Maker is hilarious" but then think, no wait, actually she's cr*p, you do this ....

Monkee Maker is (del)hilarious(/del)cr*p.

But substitute these brackets () with these <> (blogger won't allow that action in comments so I had to use the round brackets).

Hope this makes sense. No go forth and strike through .... :)

Mrs Moog said...

Well done Lucy - your cushion is fabulous! Glad to hear you have a similar approach to your crafting to Monster - ie. craft a bit/play a bit/craft a bit...

I love your felt flowers Kaz - they're going to look beautiful on your purses!


Karen said...

LOL looks like you & Lucy had a lot of fun. Gorgeous cushion Lucy & excellent embroidery too!

Kaz, I love the bag charm and the felt are such a clever clogs!!!

Sandie said...

Lucy has a great talent there, love all your projects.

Anonymous said...

Kaz you are a lovely Auntie and so lucky to be able to teach your expertise to someone. Now all you have to do is to teach me to do blanket stitch. I can't do it. LOL

Love those flowers and Lucy's blanket.

traceyR x

Anonymous said...

The felt flowers are gorgeous Kaz and I do like your handbag charm...x