Wednesday, 23 April 2008

this week at Lynne's

I've been at Lynne's this week as Andy (my BIL) has been in New York for work so someone needed to be here for when my nieces got home from school. I packed up a bag of knitting and other craft bits, but I think time goes quicker here as I've hardly done anything! Mind you, I have had a bit of trouble with Mr H. He went missing yesterday and I found this cupboard open

what a surprise, he found my fave cupboard!! Even more of a surprise, I haven't had any of the chocs....honest!! I think I may be coming down with something.

I had to bring Mr H into the garden with me as I didn't trust him on his own.

It was gorgeous yesterday afternoon, so I opened the shed door to let the air get to the bunnies in their hutch, so they didn't bake!! They have their jabs tomorrow and then they can have the run out on the grass.

They are soo cute and when they had a snooze, I joined them and went a bit pink in the sun!

Look what I saw on my leg....

.....two flies having coffee and a muffin on my leg. (ref to {monkeemaker})

It wasn't long before these two herberts my adorable nieces got home.

Gawd I love those girls!!

By the time we got back outside, Mr H had gone for a bounce (btw thats a weird tree shadow you can see, not a Lucy shadow at all).

Finally, I will leave you will this clip of Pepper (I think) doing what she loves best.


Angelnorth said...

Glad you've been having a lovely time and resisting the chocolate! Looks like Mr H is enjoying it, too! Is it me, or is that rabbit chasing its own ears?

Jane said...

Sounds like you had a good time, Mr H looks as though he is enjoying the trampoline. But Pepper made me laugh with her twist! Jane x

Locket Pocket said...

I can't believe those two flies dared to have a coffee and muffin on your leg - how rude!

Glad you had a nice time though!

Lucy x

Anonymous said...

aaah love Pepper and what a curious trick. LOL :)

Janice said...

What a lovely post. Nice to get some sunshine and sit outside, always makes you feel better. We had a giant wasp in our bedroom last night :eek: It didn't live long! Gorgeous bunnies, I wouldn't let the cats eat these ones hee hee hee

Unknown said...

You had a whale of a time by the looks of it Kaz! You must be exhausted keeping that naughty Mr H in check!

And as for those flies - making whoopee on your leg - yeuch!

Igotmebabe said...

Love your monkee posts, Mr H sure knows how to enjoy himself, did you not fancy a bounce with him?
Love the rabbit clip and Peppers little twirly. Now I am just going to pretend I did not see those two flys on your knee, or the fact that you watched them and photographed them, there must be a name for people like you :)

Mrs Moog said...

You have my total admiration for resisting the lure of the cupboard - especially with Mr H trying to lead you astray.

Isn't nature so wonderfully unashamed? :) So nice to think they were making thousands of baby flies whilst resting on your leg.......

Lovely and very bonkers nieces you have there and it seems their bunny is going to fit in very well - bless :)


Kathy said...

Great pics Kaz. And that bun is soooooooo cute!