Sunday, 18 May 2008

May Kit notebook

Over the weekend I've been making myself a new notebook as I've finished my current one. I would be lost without one as I have lists of things to do and remember, and I write a week out on one page, the things that need doing on any particular day or that week and then cross them off as they get done (which doesn't always happen)!

I decided to use the new kit so that I can look at the scrummy papers everyday as my notebook goes everywhere with me.

The only things that I have used that aren't in the kit are the spotty ribbons, white maya road plastic flower, letter stickers and white bazzill card. Oh and the square eyelets, that I now wish I'd done round as they wouldn't show if they're wonky. I had planned for the flower to be on the left, but the far right eyelet went at an angle! Luckily I had the same shade of blue bazzill card in my drawer so I used that as the base.

I've made a pocket on the inside covers and printed out a list of birthdays for the front pocket as I always refer to that when I'm planning out what needs doing that week.

The back pocket has the direct debit dates on one side, necessary to work out the budget and if I can afford to get myself more stash (hhmm like I pay attention to that), and important phone numbers on the other.

I've rescued Vincent's other ear today, but he seems happy enough to be without it today. Truth is, I wish I hadn't put the eyes on as they just look at you all funny when you stick that big needle in them!


Sue said...

You could try a blindfold for Vincent as you stitch his ear on but then you would probably end up with wonky ears.
Love your book.
Sue x

Kathy said...

Fantastic notebook Kaz, it looks wonderful. Thise papers are just so inspiring, araen't they?

Glad to hear Vicent's ear has found tis way home

Locket Pocket said...

What a fantastic notebook! So clever and I love thoes birdies! Lucy x

Janice said...

Kaz, you have been speedy in attacking that kit! I haven't done anything with mine yet eek. Great notebook and don't worry about Vincent, Jenny(cat)looks like a trussed chicken with her stitches under her chin and it doesn't seem to bother her one bit tee hee hee.

Angelnorth said...

Excellent notebook Kaz, it looks fab and I love your idea of the pockets for the 'essentials' in the front and back. Maybe you just need to convince Vincent that it's cosmetic surgery and that's all the rage right now?

Anonymous said...

Wow Kaz

That is gorgeous, you are a clever bunny. You made it so quick too.

Traceyr x

Kitty said...

So let's get this straight .. you'd rather stick a needle in a poor blind monkey, than one with sight? :-O

That's one fantabulous notebook - utterly gorgeous. You are such a clever monkey-torturer.

:-D x

Hazel said...

What a fab, fab notebook. Lol! at the tale of poor Vincent's ear.

Karen said...

WOW Kaz...that notebook is stunning!!! I am still stroking my papers lol

Penny said...

it's so sweet! I love it to bits!

Unknown said...

Beautiful book Kaz! Sure you want to keep it for yourself and not send it to me? LOL x

Debbie said...

Wow what a fantastic notebook - love the birds. :) :)

Blog candy comp over at mine if you would like to join in. ;) )

Debbie x