Friday, 16 May 2008

Vincent Van La La and the animalia

Yet again, the latest monkee I've surrogated, has developed an alter ego. I've knitted him for Lucy and she's been very patient with me as he's taken a while. So long in fact that she has named him already and he is to be known as Dorito - when he moves in with her. For now, he is known as Vincent Van La La.

Of course, it's very easy to realise why the Vincent Van bit is there. He has got the full quota of ears really. Well he did this morning. Mum and dad came back from Paris today and while mum was faffing in her bag next to Vincent (looking for my pressie), she appears to have collected a purple hairy ear. I will get it when I see them Sunday so I will do a complete picture.

The La La bit will be apparent to anyone who knows the tellytubbies. When I turned him in the right way after sewing him up, he appears to have gained an antenna. And it's staying.

I could have knitted another hairy ear, if I could be arsed, but I couldn't. I had other things to do.

One of which was to finish the {DCM} card, which today is called animalia. You have to do a card with an animal on. Guess what animal I did?! It had to be done.

The monkey is one of the stamps Tracey did for me as a little gift, so I can't tell you what it is. The dotty paper is by American Crafts and the 2 is cut using the cuttlekids happy numbers die. I hadn't planned on doing the number, but that corner needed something in it so I spent about 5 minutes trying to remember if the next boy birthday is 2 or 3, I think he's 2, but I can always change it!! The wonders of silicone glue eh?

Also today, the new kit arrived from {Bubblyfunk} just as I'd made lunch, so I decided to eat that and savour the joy of opening the goodies. I had to have just a little peek though to keep me going and look what I saw:

Sweeties!!!! Yum yum yum. And do you know what? There was an added bonus as there was a 3rd one that had migrated to the other side of the box!!! Happy days.

After lunch, there was a lot of ooohing and aaahing as this kit is just scrummy. I think these papers have to have been the best yet. Look at those birds and funky flowers.

And then there's all this chipboard and other loveliness too.

It was a bit of a bugger, though, as I just didn't have the energy to start doing stuff today, so tomorrow I shall be starting a new project. And this time I'm making it all for me. I don't want to share these papers and goodies. Call me selfish if you like but I want to enjoy it for myself!!


Kitty said...

'Ere 'ere ... he's a lovely fluffy bundle of monkeyness isn't he? Dorito is a great name for a monkey. Mind you, so is Vincent Van La La - sounds like a hairdresser.

As always - a gorgeous card. x

Mrs Moog said...

Kaz - that has to be the best title for a blog post I've read in a very long time!!!!

You must force Lucy to rename 'Dorito' as Vincent Van La La is too good a name to consign to the 'didn't quite make it as a name' bin!

I almost spat my wine out at the thought of your poor Mum finding a severed furry ear in her handbag!

As for all those amazing Bubblyfunk goodies - I know where you live ;) I'm a Basic Grey kinda girl but those are the most gorgeous papers and chipboard shapes I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!!!

Enjoy playing with them!

Janice said...

Loving Vincent Van La La - hee hee hee So troubled and artistic. Glad you like my stairs, you are welcome to visit - but it is a long way away.

Anonymous said...

The monkey looks great painted up. I haven't even used mine yet.

Vincent looks sooo cute but isn't it Dipsy that has the antenna? Or am I going Lala?

Traceyr x

tracie said...

very cute card, love the monkey and Dorito is fabulous I love him :-)x

Karen said...

hahahahahahaha poor Dorito!!! Just so glad your Mum didn't canabolise Claude!!!!

Love the card hon XXX

Lythan said...

Fabby card. And I just love your monkeys!

Sue said...

I just love your monkees and Vincent Van La La is such a super colour.
Sue x

Kathy said...

Fab post Kaz - you never fail to make me smile and this one made me LOL.

Poor Monkee, he does look a bit sorry for himself! Hope he's reunited with his other ear soon look forward to HEARING that the surgery has been completely successful

Great DCM card - it would HAVE to be a monkey card. Couldn't really have been anything else!

Angelnorth said...

I think the name should stay - is Lucy bribable? Fab monkee again, Kaz! Love the card too, perfect for a wee lad. Have fun with your new stash!

tracy said...

love your card kaz and as for lala,well what can i say,he's just prefect :)

SueH said...

Kaz, you always make me smile when I read your blog and you've not failed me today either.

I love Dorito but think you should really send him to me because he will go perfectly in my lavender bedroom!

Great DCM card by the way.

Anonymous said...

What a loveable Dorito! Your card is gorgeous too and the kit looks yummy! :)


Anonymous said...

Those chocs are gorgeous aren't they! There was some left over so I had to have them, hehe....

Jane said...

Vincent Van La la is such a groovy monkey and in my favourite colour too. I hope you do enjoy your next project as you have earned it with all your efforts last week. Jane x

cats whiskers said...

Great card, and I love Vincent La La, such a funky colour, love the look of your package to

Munkeh said...

I love Doritos head thingy - very cute and you better leave it there! He can probably pull in radio stations.

I love the funny little birds with the thin legs (on the paper).

Don't feel selfish because you want to keep your fun goodies - they are yours afterall!!

Have fun with new projects!

Rosanne said...

Very cute card!

Monkee Maker said...

Hi Kaz,

Oh, what a cutie Vincent/Dorito is - and I'm loving the one eared offset by an antenna look - it could just catch on!

The monkey card is fab too, what a fabulous monkey-filled post!


Kath Stewart said...

Fab card Kaz and love that cheeky monkey