Tuesday, 6 May 2008


Today I did a couple of vintage style men's cards, which is the last thing I'm making for the coffee morning which is this Friday. I am knackered after all this creativity and I'm planning two quiet days now in preparation (it's a right pain in the arse having to prepare like this). Mum's friends like the vintage cards so I had to make sure I had some.

For both I've used the Swiss dots embossing folder and some bits and pieces I've had for ages.

Mum and dad have been borrowing chairs and tables from friends and neighbours and mum's started baking in preparation. One of their friends has a big urn which she brings round and helps with the drinks etc. Her daughter has recovered from ME too, so she is always willing to help.

I've invited the people I met last year at the local ME service and some of my old work friends so hopefully there'll be plenty there. The weather forecast is good too, so please keep your bits crossed for us.

I also have to apologise to those with blogs as I've been very rubbish at keeping up with what you've all been up to and I promise to come back next week when things get back to normal - well as normal as things get around here!!

Speaking of which, look what I found today:


Anonymous said...

AAAAh don't they all look sweet and safe out of harms way. Have you seen what is happening to 007 on Monkee Makers blog. OMG

Kaz good luck for Friday you deserve a big turn out and my bits are definitely all crossed for the weather.

Traceyr x

Igotmebabe said...

Hope they enjoyed their whirl. Rest up for Friday, hope it all goes well,I am sure it will, your Mum is great. Speak to you soon.
Bug Hugs.
ps Just found out today my niece was at Monkey World last week, I am so jealous.

Kitty said...

Good luck for your Coffee Morning Kaz - hope you manage to raise loads of dosh for a very good cause.

Look after yourself. x

Karen said...

You make sure that you have a couple of VERY lazy days hon...PLEASE!! Ahhh the monkees look very happy lazing about but did it end up in a pillow fight???

Your Mum is a star, can I adopt her??

Love & hugs XXX

Jane said...

Good Luck for your coffee morning, hope all goes really well. love those monkeys they look so cool. Jane x

Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed for Friday Kaz - I am sure it will be a success.
I am loving those monkeys....

Dawn Wheeler said...

Good luck Kaz for friday you will do brilliant xxxx
love to see the monkeys ,Dawn& Alexxx ,xxxxxxx

Mrs Moog said...

Sending huge good luck vibes for Friday - I hope you sell loads!!

Not sure how much rest you'll be getting with those naughty monkeys about!


Kathy said...

Good luck for Friday Kaz.

Those monkeys look so cute - what a fab photo - I bet your neighbours wonder about you though.....

Sue said...

Hope you make loads more money tomorrow Kaz. Good Luck with it all.
Are the monkees up there to keep them out of trouble?
Sue x