Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Finally something to show

It seems to have taken forever, but I've finally finished the draught excluder Lynne wanted me to knit her from a book she gave me for Christmas - hhmm what a coincidence!!!

He is huge! Much bigger than we were expecting and he has given us all a good laugh. We thought he would be the size that one of his legs is!

And here he is in his new home. It's a shame it's now Summer (yeah right!) but hopefully by the time he's needed he'll have settled in and been house trained.

He has already made a new friend with one of the natives

Lucy has named him Fudge.

And finally for today, some more bunny photos.

*whispers* the bunny's have an appointment tomorrow at the V-E-T to be 'done' which should stop Pepper's 'behavioural' problem.

Oh blimey, judging by the look on her face, Pepper must have heard me!!

Mopsy on the other hand is looking forward to it so she can stop having to run away.

Aawww they really love each other those bunnies.

Pepper is laying down and Mopsy is relaxing behind her.


Karen said...

hahahahahahahahaha loves ya XXX

tracy said...

well fudge looks very happy,well done on finishing him :)
and those bunnies are too cute,not as cute as my cottontail though!! (she's a lopear too :))

Kathy said...

Kaz, these photos are fab - especially the one of Lucy - that is crying out to be made into a canvas or scrap page.

The doggie is wonderful and looks to have made himself at home - not sure what the monkees are going to think of that!

Angelnorth said...

I thought the same as Kathy - that photo of Lucy and Fudge is studio-quality, get it framed or scrapped! I don't think the draughts stand much chance, do you? Great job there Kaz!

Di said...

Stunning photo of Lucy and Fudge Kaz.

Fabulous work, worth all the effort

Igotmebabe said...

You must have very big draughts in that house:) Seriously Fudge is brilliant and I agree that the pic of Lucy and her should be blown up big style. Poor bunnies having "to be done" how would you like it! But I know it is needed, so I shall be thinking about them on their litle outing. When you get the chance there is a new monkee over at my blog. Oh.. I got double pointed needles,and would you believe it I am getting in a awful fankle, not like me at all!

Sue said...

I agree with everyone that pic of Lucy and Fudge is just so good. Fudge is huge,he must have taken some patience to knit.
Sue x

Kitty said...

That picture of Lucy and Fudge is amazing: should be in a book or magazine. Well done you for the knitting.


Munkeh said...

Your draft dodger is fab - he is rather huge indeed!
Lovely neice you have there.

There was an old cartoon over here years ago. It was about a dog telling his friend dog that he was going to the vet to be "tutored". Same as "being done" but it rhymed.

Unknown said...

I gotta agree, that photo is absolutely gorgeous!

Mrs Moog said...

Hats off to you Kaz for that enormous bit of dog knittage!! He's fableous and I agree with everyone else - the photo of Lucy and Fudge is GORGEOUS!!!!!

Hazel said...

Great photos! Gorgeous animals (including the knitted one!)

Anonymous said...

Love the draught excluder Kaz and it is indeed a lovely pic of your niece.
Those bunnies are gorgeous - very cuddly aaaawww.....xx