Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Whoo and congrats

Now that I know the card has arrived at it's destination, I can blog it.

My bestest buddy Tony has somehow brainwashed managed to get his girlfriend Karen to get engaged to him!! So of course I had to make them a card, any excuse to get the glue and scissors out.

I've gone for the text paper on chipboard again as I am loving the look of it. The zoomz on the right are a bit wonky (of course) as Tony had the inconsideration to call me while I was trying to position them, and therefore, as with everything else, it's all his fault!!

Love ya really! Congrats to the both of you xxxx

I also sent him a new drumstick bag, this time with a v for vater, which is the name of his best drumsticks that only he can use. You can just see the monkey ears on this photo of both bags together. Ooeer mrs, now I know that he will have something to say about that!!


Anonymous said...

There not his ears, sticking out ;-0

Karen said...

Fancy Tony getting engaged to someone called Karen!!!! Good name that!!!! Lovely card Kaz. No comment about things sticking out tho XXX

Kitty said...

Yet more lovely cards going on here lately - I love the father's day card you made - it's especially gorgeous.

Good luck with the sort-out - hope it goes well. x

Anonymous said...

I can't see anything poking out only the drumsticks. LOL

Traceyr x


Angelnorth said...

Lovely card, I'm trying hard to resist the onslaught of the Swiss Dot folder though! I love the crochet trim on this one, lovely!

Sue said...

Lovely card Kaz and such pretty colours. I've not got the swiss dots folder but looks like I might need it!
Sue x