Wednesday, 2 July 2008

New room and other stuff

Finally I've got around to blogging a couple of photos of my new room, well not new but newly redone and free from damp room and I am so so happy with it. It just feels clean again and non-smelly, although I was the only one who thought it was.

Mum and dad had put all of the furniture where I wanted and put the boxes etc back, so I've only had to rearrange them to how I wanted it. They really are fantastic my parents.

The room is still tidy (and believe me it's the only room in the flat that is) as I have only done a small bit of crafting since getting back home for a swap and am still sorting through stuff. I ran out of time before the work so I'm finishing off and I'm being ruthless.

I have some major plans for storage out here, but I'm not sure when it'll get done yet as I have a couple of birthday pressies to make. Tomorrow I have a recliner chair arriving for out there so I have something comfortable to take it easy on (most important!) so I think I'll be testing that out a lot too. The futon was too big and I was using it as another bit of storage, so hopefully I'll keep the chair for sitting on!!

Mr H and Twisty have a new friend who has been created during Wimbledon. As yet he is nameless which is a tragedy so any ideas are welcome.

Lastly I'll leave you with a couple of bunny photos taken on Sunday when my nieces decided to get into the run with them. The bunnies seem to have recovered from their ops really well.

Aaww look at this cute little face,


Karen said...

I bet you can't wait to get that room messy lol

Awe your new monkee is soooooo sweet....I hope the other don't pick on him cos he is diddy X

Angelnorth said...

The new room looks fab Kaz - bet the tidiness lasts, ooohh, five minutes?!

Since he's a tiddler, maybe the new monkee could be Tiddlypom (a la Winnie the Pooh snow song). Didn't he suggest his own name whilst being knitted then?

mum-on-the-run said...

Love you new room Kaz, it looks fabulous. I'm very jealous!! Gorgeous bunny rabbits too ♥

Sue said...

What a lovely new room you have Kaz, how lucky you are to have a room you can dedicate to craft mine has to double up as the spare bedroom.
Sue x

Kitty said...

The room looks great - I envy you that space.

As for Mr Monkey: a Wimblydon-inspired name perhaps? McEnroe? Nadar? Murray? Or just Wimbly?

That bunny pic is gorgeous!


Mrs Moog said...

Your room looks GORGEOUS - bet you can't wait to mess it up :)

Your new monkey is fab - how about strawb....or netty???

Mmmm...maybe not!


Chris A said...

You're craft room is lovely Kaz. Wish mine were so tidy :-)

Jane said...

What a beautiful room to craft in. Hope you have lots of fun using it now. lovely pics of bunnies so glad that they are recovering well. How about Pimms for your new monkey friend? Jane x

Anonymous said...

Kaz you diddy monkey has to be "Tim" not heard that shouted about this year LOL.

Craft room still looking good. :)

Traceyr x

Monkee Maker said...

Hi Kaz,

You crack me up. Were you hiding round the corner waiting to make that comment perchance??

Anyway. Loving the bunny shots, as ever (is it possible to get broody for bunnies?? I think it may be), the new room shots, and obviously the newest monkey made of knit shot, and I second Pimms as the name choice.

And I simply can't believe you've made so many monkeys AND that HUGE doggie draught excluder! Your needles must be on fire!


Penny said...

Your room looks amazing!! I love that little white cupboard (Ikea??) and the whole thing looks so comfy and inviting :) Bunnies are sweet too!

Sue said...

Just added you to my blog list Kaz. Don't know how I missed having you on there for so long.
Sue x

Anonymous said...

Room looks that same as before, only there aint any of ur skiddy pants on the floor

Unknown said...

I'm totally jealous of your room Kaz!

You could always call the monkee made of knit 'Henman' x

Igotmebabe said...

Beautiful tidy room, just what I long for. Do not let anonymous have a shot on your new chair after that remark. Loving the new monkey and the bunnies are as gorgeous as ever.