Monday, 22 September 2008

Oh My Hairy Purse!!

There's a feast of photos today following our Cyber Crop on ~{Bubblyfunk Forum}~ which was a big success. There were 2 days full of different projects to have a go at (if you register on the forum you can have a go too).

I did a hairy purse .................

.........only me being me, I cast on too many stitches for the size of the zip and material I had set aside, so it ended up a sort of reverse tardis. If I had been a bit more intelligent I would have just cut some bigger fabric and used a bigger zip, but no. Anyway on the class I did recommend casting on less.

The other thing I did a tutorial for was altering a clipboard.

I made the two in the photo for Lynne's birthday and one for the Think Pink sale. Since then I have made another 2, one of which is for me.

On Saturday I only managed to make a card using ~{Kathy's}~ Speedy Simple and Stylish tute:

I did better on Sunday as I adapted ~{Di's}~ My Word It's A Canvas tute. Di used the letters on 4 canvases to go together and a 2nd canvas. They were both gorgeous, but I didn't have any small canvases, so I just decorated the letters and have stuck them on my magnetic board in the kitchen with my clipboard and a very old photo of my nieces.

The magnetic board is just a bit of plywood with a few coats of magnetic paint, then painted to match the walls.

The second thing I made was using ~{Tracy's}~ Flower Power tute. She made a gorgeous bunch of these flowers in a paper vase, but I really couldn't be arsed to do that so I just put them on a very simple card.

I turned away for a minute while making the flowers, and when I looked back, somebody had drunk my tea and eaten my choc:

The git.


Angelnorth said...

You made some fab things! I love the way those flowers look on a card and your adaptation of the HOME canvas looks fantastic, love it!

Kathy said...

wow, you did soooo well at the weekend Kaz

Naughty naughty monkey!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Golly you've been busy! Love everything you've been doing! Lucy x

Kitty said...

Oh my my ... sooo much crafty goodness going on here. You should never turn your back on a hairy monkey - they'll drink your tea and eat your chocolate every time.

Will email soon - promise.


Hazel said...

Great crafting, Kaz - love your tutorials. That norty monkey!

GezzyB said...

Wow, you were busy Kaz! Love everything. You helped make the weekend fab Kaz. Thank Yooooou. x

Igotmebabe said...

Yeah we all know who ate the chocolate!!!
Beautiful crafting work :)
Bug Hugs

Suzie said...

Lovely stuff Kaz! Naughty monkey!!

Lesley said...

I love those clipboards and the magnetic board looks gorgeous - great tip about the magnetic paint!
How can you be cross with such a cute hairy monkey - looks like he's been Tango'd :)


Jane said...

Lovely projects and cards Kaz, and your Monkey is cute even if he did drink your tea and eat your chocolate. Jane x

tracy said...

naughty monkey!!!
thanks for having a (bit of a) go at my class kaz i love your card :) i'm sorry but i can't have a go at the purse coz i don't knit,but will do the clip board when i get one :)

Anonymous said...

This is all brilliant stuff :D

You have a real talent Kaz . I love it all and your lil drawers and stuff to put things in..if it were me (and I sooo don't have the flair) it would be like a bomb had hit the place, no organisation or putting stuff

:) I love getting your cards :)