Saturday, 11 October 2008

DCM - gotta wear shades

I'm on a bit of a roll craft-wise this week as I've managed to do the main ~{ DCM }~ again. This week you have to use bright colours, the clashier the better. I've used the LE sketch as this was a double dare. I had a bit of a rummage and found this junkitz paper from a kit - I love it as its such funky colours. The coloured card is DCWV and the chipboard is by l'il davies which I've sprayed with an early pressie (ssshhhh don't tell Tony) patina glimmer mist. I need to have a practice with the mists as I seem to be getting more over me and the floor than the chipboard!! The flowers are by prima.

So while we are on the subject of bright, I thought I'd post a photo of my 'fruit pastilles' as Janice calls them. I've finally got my mitts on some stuffing so I've been able to finish them.

The black one is mine and he's called Morrissey and, yes, he has been names after The Smiths singer, my hero! The orange one is mine too (Chris Hoy). The pink one (Ellie) and the green one (Quentin's little brother) are on the Think Pink Auction which ends tonight, so they can stop looking so comfy. Finally the purple and blue ones are for Christmas pressies.

There are 50 items up for auction ~{ here }~ on the Think Pink Blog, so if you fancy taking part, it's a closed bids auction which ends at midnight tonight. All proceeds are going to Breast Cancer Care.


Kitty said...

Oh my ... those monkeys are adorable. I'm sure Morrisey would be over the moon to know a monkey of knit was named after him.

And I for one, love the clashing colours. x

Angelnorth said...

Great bright card, Kaz - love that chippie and I'm imagining the shimmer on the chippie! I use spray inks in a 'spray booth' (the top off a box full of copier paper) - keeps the mess to a minimum!

Don't the monkeys look fab in their family photo? Love it! If they're fruit pastilles, what flavour is the blue one?

Powerful Search Engine said...

A lovely bright card for the DCM challenge and I think the monkeys are fab! Pascale :)

Hazel said...

Love the piccie of the monkey family - they are adorable. The DCM card is fab - love the chippie.

Sue said...

Looks like you have a right load of trouble there kaz with all those momkees. They are super - hope one comes my way soon, my bid is in.
Sue x

Lythan said...

those monkeys are just a hoot! What wonderful expressions and cuddly bods! And I love your DCM card too - nice and bright!

Gez Butterworth said...

Lovely card Kaz and don't the monkee's look great together.
I think they should start their own band!!

Janice said...

I really love the blackcurrant fruit pastille - yummy! The blue one? Hmmmm I think he must be one of those hideous Slush Puppy iced drinks in neon colours - or like the blue smartie - remember them?

Great DCM as well, funky paper.

Mrs Moog said...

Oh Kaz, those fruit pastille guys look so good together!! It's a shame they have to be split up.

The orange one looks just like Keith Harris's Cuddles!!


Tanya said...

Lovely card Kaz and the monkeys are fab!
Hugs, Tanya

SueH said...

What a wonderful DCM’s dare card Kaz, but I think it’s been slightly eclipsed by those gorgeous little monkeys……and it’s easy to see why……what great colours.
They fit in with the dare perfectly!

Kathy said...

Love the colours on this card, Kaz - and the chipboard bordery dodah looks wonderful.

Those monkeys are all fab, I would ask how you can bear to part with any of them, but really I can can see they'd just cause chaos if you had all of them living with you. They'd only monkey around all the time

Anonymous said...

Lovly card Kaz - love the chippie border.
I adore those monkeeees!

Anonymous said...

Loving those fruit pastilles .... like Lesley said, such a shame they're going to be split up.

N'er mind .... you can always knit more!


Anonymous said...

How cute are those monkeys , although I don't think Morrissey would appreciate being called cute . I'm going to start mine very soon.
Lisa x