Thursday, 6 November 2008

Congrats card

A ha I am still here!! I went to Lynne's last week to look after the bunnies while they all buggered off on holiday again!! Luckily, as the weather is now yuk, they have put the run out in the shed so it was slightly easier for me, although I was there on my own this time. It's so weird there when I'm on my own. Far too quiet. They had a good and eventful time and got home safe and sound so that's always good. Within 2 minutes the place was a shambles and completely noisy - just how it should be there!

I didn't take my camera so there are no bunny shots to show. Those bunnies are little minxes and like to run you ragged when you try and catch them so I ended up sitting in the run with them as I was too knackered to move!! Apart from that, they were well behaved and I got on with some knitting. Guess what some people are getting for Christmas? Yep, monkeys ha!

Anyway when I got home I was desperate to get the paper, scissors and glue out and made this graduation card using an old sketch from ~{ 2sketches4you }~

The paper is BG sugared and the chip flourish is lil davis and I've sprayed it with cinnamon and dewberry glimmer mists to get the right shade. It's a shame but the camera never picks up the shimmeriness (if that's a word) on things. The other bits are from my stash.

Thanks for having a nosey. Come back in a week or so and I will have some exciting news to share!

Kaz xxx


Karen said...

I love your flourish hon!!!!! A very pretty car and the lace just finishes it off!!! So whats your news can't expect me to wait now can you??? XXX

Angelnorth said...

Oooh, that flourish looks lush! Great congrats card, I'm sure she'll love it. Hmmm, can you keep the secret for a whole week, I wonder? You might have Karen niggling at you by the look of it!

Janice said...

Not fair Kaz, tempting us with secrets! That's a really different style for you Kaz, very sophisticated -not that you're not sophisticated lol, I'll stop digging now - hee hee

Kitty said...

What a tease you are ... stop it! I want to know what your hiding!

I'm sure your Crimble recipients will love their monkeys. I would. x

Kathy said...

I love this card Kaz, its so elegant and stylish. Great colours and the lacy bit looks fab

Igotmebabe said...

Exciting news !!!! I am imagining all sorts. Laughing at you sitting in the run with them, I know how you feel
Bug Hugs

Gez Butterworth said...

Lovely card Kaz. x
Is that a bit of Basic Grey in the flower centres I see??
The lace looks fab.
How can you keep us in suspenders all week Kaz???
Have a lovely weekend. :o)

Jane said...

oh no the suspense is too much. Great card though Kaz and more monkies lucky people. Jane x