Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Kathy's sketch and a bit of relief.

Kathy, who makes gorgeous cards, has started a blog for her sketches and it can be found ~{ here }~. This is the latest one:

I thought I'd do two as I am getting low on cards and people are still having birthdays, for some reason. I did one for a male:

and one for a female:

The dotty paper is American Crafts, but the stripey one is from my scraps so I don't know where it's from. Flowers are all prima and the stars are a cuttlekids die.
You will be happy to hear that I have finally done some eyes I'm sort of happy with for the evil one. These are the 4th version. I did some yesterday, but she just looked very pissed off!! These will have to do!


Di said...

Fabaroo cards Kaz and her eyes are much better than the scary Mary ones she had before....she's traded her scissors in for flowers bless her!

Janice said...

Great cards, but poor sad monkee :o

Anonymous said...

I think these eyes are better :-)
lisa x

Gez Butterworth said...

Fabby cards Kaz.
Monkee looking fine now. x
No one need ever know what she was like in a past life. :O)

Karen said...

Awe...she doesn't look like a bunny boiler now Kaz...she looks like she is on her meds so she is safe to go to a baby!!!!!

Lovely colours for your cards hon XXX

Angelnorth said...

Fab cards, love that paper and the funky stars look great! The monkee looks very tired but that's a big improvement on looking like she's auditioning for a part in Resident Evil II ;o)

Anonymous said...

Lovely cards kaz....x
and the monkey looks a tad sad to me, aaawwww bless....x

Mrs Moog said...

Awww ...much better...she now just has a slightly bemused look rather than a crazed murderous one!!

Gorgeous cards by the way. I love the way you use the sketches.


Kathy said...

Kaz, those cards are both fantastic - I love the way you've done the stars, and the flowers on the other are perfect - I was going to do a flowery one too - especially for Janice because she thinks I get withdrawal symptoms if I don't do something flowery every couple of days lol.

Ms Monkey looks much less manic-monkey now, she looks all ready to be hugged

Tiffany said...

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artfulstampin said...

Love the colours you used on those cards