Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Tuesday Scrumptious

The week seems to have flown by and it's my day for posting on ~{ Bubbly Scrumptious }~ again.

This week I've been using Adornit teal and brown collection and they are lovely papers to work with.

Here's a couple of the cards

In other news, my blinking printer has thrown out the same error that got fixed last week so I am not very happy as it's only 2 months old. And I asked the glittery engineer if there was anything I could do if it happened again and he said it shouldn't! Famous last words.


Di said...

Fantastic cards Kaz x

Unknown said...

Lovely colours Kaz!

Bloody naff printer! Hope you get it sorted.

Kathy said...

fab cards Kaz

Munkeh said...

Come visit my blog - there is a giveaway!

Gez Butterworth said...

These cards are beautiful Kaz. xx