Saturday, 21 March 2009

DCM, finally.

Hhmm. Well I didn't manage to keep going with the regular blogging did I?!

I've still not been doing too much crafting, just a bit here and there. I'm keeping on top of the birthday cards, but not the presents and I now owe 5! I have kept up to date with the ~{Bubbly Scrumptious}~ blog though. If you haven't been to have a look, there are posts just about every day with ideas and projects.

This week I've had to make an anniversary card for my parents:

I've used My Mind's Eye papers and tattered rose distress ink.

So, seeing as I had got up to date(ish) (let's not include the 52Q that I am 6 weeks behind for, or the birthday pressies), I thought I'd do a DCM for a change. This week it is to make a card for a woman or featuring a woman seeing as it's Mother's Day here tomorrow. The card and part of the pressie for my mum is featured ~{here}~ on Bubbly Scrumptious. She's also getting a monkey made of knit (when I finish it)!!

For the DCM, I have used a PaperArtsy stamp that I treated myself to (and, oh dear, a few others fell into my shopping basket too).

You never know, I might even blog again this year!! And may even read through some of your blogs.

And in case anyone is wondering, Rach has done very well as an in-patient in the eating disorder unit and should be being discharged on Thursday. She has done a lot of hard graft in there and it can't have been easy as they make you eat everything. I don't want to go into details of how she has suffered as it's personal, but I'd really like to somehow do my bit to dispel the stigma attached to being anorexic.

It is a serious mental illness and it's not something that you do through choice. The anorexia disrupts the normal brain chemistry so that the pathways are altered, making the patient genuinely see something different in the mirror. If you could see the haunted look that these girls (and some boys/men) have, and I pray you never have to, you would realise just how horrific it is. It completely destroys normal family life for everyone in the family and makes something as basic as eating become a terrifying prospect.

Rach and the family still have a long way to go until she is fully recovered, but hopefully she will be able to stay out of hospital. The plan is for her to return to school ASAP to get her back to some form of normality.

I'll update you again soon.


Kathy said...

oooooh loverley cards Kaz. I don't have those MME papers. Think I need to go shopping....

Unknown said...

Hi Kaz, lovely to hear from you again. Great news that Rach is coming home. I'm sure she'll continue to thrive surrounded by the love of you and her family.


Hazel said...

Love your cards - that Paperartsy stamp is beautiful. Praying that Rach will continue to improve x

Kitty said...

Lovely to 'see' you ... I've been thinking about you all, and wondering how poor Rachel has been doing. That's brilliant that she might come home so soon. Fingers crossed.

As ever - wonderful cards.


Gez Butterworth said...

Gorgeous cards Kaz. :) The colours are fantastic. You are a wonderful inspiration. XXX

So pleased to hear Rach is doing well. You must all be very proud of her & all her hard work that she's done. Hope all goes well next week for you all.

Thanks for stopping by my blog & for your lovely comments.

Take care
Gez. XX

tracy said...

lovely cards there kaz :)
i had no idea your family was going through this,i'm so sorry to hear it,sending love and hugs to all.........well done rach,keep up the good work :)

Martina said...

Very beautiful cards :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, they're both so beautiful - I think I still have a few scraps of those MME papers. they're one of my faves. :)