Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Altered photo frame

It's my day for posting a project on ~{Bubbly Scrumptious}~ and this week I altered one of those cheap photo frames. It has a photo of my parents taken before they got married. If you would like to see how I made it, or any of the products used, click on the link above.

I do have to admit though that it wasn't easy going at all as I had bits and pieces everywhere and couldn't translate what was in my head onto the project. The mojo wasn't happening!

I had actually planned to do a harlequin background from the stamp set I was using and, at first, it was going ok. It then came to the point of masking and stamping to keep the pattern to match. As the stamp is red rubber, I couldn't see where to stamp, so I made a couple of marks on the sides of the stamp and the first one was perfect. However, after that, the only way to see where I was going was by kneeling on the floor with the frame at eye level. Then I sat back on the chair to do some more. After 2 goes I was completely knackered!! Oh the joys of crafting with ME!! So I have to confess that I didn't try very hard with the final one and it is crap!!!

Note the first go was brill:

But it went downhill rapidly:

Well I fiddled and faffed about doing the two frames, until I decided to just go with the photo one. There's a possibility that I might finish this one and put it on BS next week, it just depends how well I can disguise it! I've got this far:
I was planning on having this as a bit of art and not for a photo, so I'll have a play and see if it can be redeemed, or if it's going in the bin!!


Beth said...

Kaz, this is utterly gorgeous, it's such a pleasure to look at every single area on the frame. Love the sentiment, (made me fill up, lol) and the little roses add an extra special touch to it all too.

Well done for persevering with it all mind, I can imagine it was fiddly with that stamp, especially when you can't see where your inking.

I like the frame that you had started mind, so maybe when your mojo is in full swing again, you can complete this one and make it look lovely like the first one. XX

Angelnorth said...

I think you have a couple of options here:

a) "Make a feature of it" - this was always my mum's advice when a crafty project went "wrong" when I was a kid. It's great advice and finding a creative way to turn a mistake into a design feature is fun!

b) try using a stamp positioner next time! I wouldn't be without mine, even if it is just a handful of Lego bricks rather than a super-duper, ergonomically perfect (read: expensive) beastie. The depth of the frame might make it tricky but it would be worth a go, I reckon (want some Lego?!)

Angelnorth said...

Sorry, hit "send" there before I admired the finished project! I like your disguise elements on the one that went wrong and you already know I love the aqua/brown and lovely vintage feel of the one that made it to BS!

Karen said...

I really love the finished frame Kaz. Puting the quote on the outside of the glass is a darned good idea!!!

Altered Art is never perfect hon so I wouldn't worry about the diamonds matching up. I think it looks fab and anyway you are a wonky one hahahahahaha X

Looking forward to seeing this one finished XXX

Kitty said...

That top frame is just stunning - is it a gift for your parents? The other one is probably going to work out fine - just not quite how you first 'saw' it. I think it does us all good to know that other crafters have cock-ups - I know I do. Don't be hard on yourself, you're ace, you are! x

Janice said...

Great frame Kaz and thanks for sharing your other version too!

Jane said...

Your frames are lovely Kaz, The blue/brown one is amazing but my favourite is the unfinished one - I like the colours. Jane x