Sunday, 26 April 2009

DCM - Big Bloomers

Well I don't know how I managed it, but I got to do this week's ~{DCM}~, which is to include big blooms on your card. I love big flowers and have some, but not here with me as I'm at Lynne's again. I should have been more organised really as I knew what the dare was before I left, but nevermind, these are as big as I can get.

Talking of big blooms, look at this camelia in Lynne's garden, it's gorgeous:

And while we're on the subject of big things in the garden, (see how it's all linking in here?!), the bunnies have got a new and improved run. It's massive and they love it as they can have a really good run around. The only thing is, they seem to have acquired a third bunny, who looks strangely like Lucy.

Rach prefers the 'let them come to me' approach

And here are the little lovelies themselves


Carol said...

gorgeous card! and that real flower is totally gorgeous - does it smell nice?


Janice said...

Lovely card, you did well with the blooms. Bunnies are gorgeous as usual, they don't half have a big run! It's like a theme park for bunnies :o

Angelnorth said...

Great card and I'd say your bloomers are sufficiently large :o) Great to see the girls enjoying the bunny run as much as the bunnies themselves!

Suzie said...

Very pretty card Kaz ... but how cute are the bunnies?!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous card, love the navy. :) And the bunnies are just soooo cute!


Karen said...

I just love those bunnies to bits!!! Lovely to see the girls with them in the photos as well hon!

Oh and I see you have a pair of bloomers hehe

Gorgeous card XXX

tracy said...

lovely card :)

now thats what you call a rabbit run!!!

Kathy said...

Gorgeous card Kaz, thanks for joining in with the dare - as for the bunnies, well how cute are they? What a fab run they've got now, someone's been practising their DIY skills!

Gez said...

Awe Kaz your card is gorgeous..x
Mmm I can almost smell the real flower, great shot. :)

So lovely to see the girls with the bunnies. They look so cuddly...the bunnies Kaz!!