Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Hands up who thinks I need to tidy up!

I really have no shame in showing these pictures, but then I know that I'm not the only one who gets in a mess. My excuse is that I've been up and down to Lynne's a lot lately and I'm sticking to it!

I had every intention of doing it today, but I feel a sofa day is in order so it'll have to wait.

I've been making some birthday books as I am sooo behind with b'day presents at the mo. This first one is for Helen and uses My Minds Eye glittery card

and this one is for Jane, and I've made it for my entry on ~{Bubbly Scrumptious}~ this week. Click on the link if you'd like to see how I made it. I've used Stemma paper for this one.

Thanks for coming over to have a look xx


Karen said...

Gorgeous books hon!!! They do make great presents don't they?

Mess????? Looks tidy to me hahahahaha XXX

Janice said...

ooh I'm so glad you showed your mess Kaz, doesn't make me feel so bad. I'm looking at mind and thinking I should tidy up too, so why am I on the computer hee hee!

Love the Birthday book, gorgeous colours.

Locket Pocket said...

That's tidier than my house on a tidy day! And I'm here all the time!


Love the birthday books!

Lucy x

Traceyr said...

Very gorgeous they are too Kaz. I have that Stemma paper and am not past the stroking stage yet so not ready to make anything with it. :)

I don't think your room is too messy *cough* *cough* you should see mine. No I am not going to show you. hahaha.

Unknown said...

Mess! What mess?! ;-) Why waste energy putting it all away when you'll only have to waste even more to get it back out again!

Go! Create!! Enjoy!!! (And shut your eyes hehe xx)

Angelnorth said...

Ditto what Rosie said ;o)

Fab birthday books, love the little key hole on the first one!

tracy said...

you call that a mess LOL!! that looks like a tidy to me,you should come see my mess-it's a proper one LOL
love the books :)

Gez Butterworth said...

No Kaz don't tidy up...you'll never find anything then...well that's my excuse. :)
Ooh gorgeous birthday books. xx

Hazel said...

Gorgeous books, Kaz. I've seen much untidier craft spaces than that (referring to my own at times - I either have mega organised or mega chaos) x

Kitty said...

I'll see your mess, and raise you a total chaos. Don't tire yourself out with tidying up, hun ... you need to pace yourself ;-) x

PS: Gorgeous makes.

Jane said...

No don't tidy up I echo the others! Lovely birthday books. Jane x

Sanya said...

Fabulous birthday books Kaz. Both are gorgeous....oh, and your room looks tidy to me....you should see my desk ha ha!

Di said...

^^^^^^^Ooooops, that was me stil in doggie mode....ha ha! I don't think Sanya's into crafting yet but he's definately into making a mess!!

Beth said...

The birthday books are excellent Kaz and such a briliant idea too.

Love the bunnies a bit further down too, soo cute.

I think Rach and Lucy did fab jobs at making their cards. We all need to look out now, we'll be having 2 new designers on our hands before long, hee hee. XX