Friday, 22 May 2009

Our crafting retreat - warning picture heavy!

Well this time last week, I was at our crafty retreat in Shropshire. Here's the cottage that we stayed in

and here's the view of the back garden

10 of us went, along with various woolly friends

They enjoyed hanging out together:

L to R: Dicky Bert, who made a special trip from Scotland to be with us as Janice couldn't come along, Quentin, Twisty, Claude, Mr H and Funky (who I became very attached to).

Twisty and Funky also shared some quality time together

Funky successfully tried his hand at a bit of gurning

I took a bracelet class

The main room had a huge table and sofas all together in the same room, so no matter what you were doing, you could keep involved in the fun, which was great for me while I was slobbing about. The table actually looks quite tidy in this photo compared to other times.

We laughed the whole weekend and the only time it was quiet was while we were eating. And did we eat?!! We ended up taking food home as we'd ordered too much in, despite grazing just about all day.
This is what I made.

Leigh taught a concertina book (on the left), I did the bracelet, Leigh also taught us how to alter dominoes to make pendants and Karen taught us to crochet. I've been practising the crochet back home and I'm starting to get it, I just need to work on the neatness now.
It's taken a bit to recover from the weekend and I still haven't put everything away -we came back on Monday - but I had the best time.

We all go on the same craft forum, so we knew each other well anyway, and some had met up before, but I'd never met any of them as I just couldn't do the craft shows at the NEC etc. I can't tell you how much it meant to meet up and get to do crafting with these girls. It was a shame that not everyone could go, but we are already planning a return visit next year and more are hoping to attend. I'd like to go back tomorrow!!


Angelnorth said...

Aww, great photos Kaz - looks like you had a fab time! Are those wine bottles I spy in amongst the crafting supplies on the "tidy" table? :haha:

Karen said...

hee hee some were boozier than others!!! Great pics Kaz of a truly fabulous weekend!!! I can't wait to go next year now!!! Awe.....I miss you all already XXX

Kitty said...

Awwww so glad you had a brilliant time. Meeting online pals is something I'm lucky enough to have done - all of them were just as lovely as they seemed online.


Gez said...

Great photos Kaz. Its so lovely to put faces to names but there's one I can't guess!! need to check to see who went?? Your bracelet looks beautiful. Well Done. XXX

tracy said...

great piccies:) much mess did you guys make LOL can't wait to meet you guys next year :)

Traceyr said...

Kaz so glad you got to meet Funky ... he misses you terribly :)

We had a fabulous time and roll on the next one.