Monday, 29 June 2009

Claire and Steve's Wedding

On Saturday I went to my cousin Claire's Wedding. It was a brilliant day, even though it was so very hot. Here's a few of my fave photos from the day. You're lucky as I took rather a lot, but will spare you most!

Claire met Steve while she was working in New Zealand and now lives there, but came 'home' for her wedding.

My uncle David, Claire's dad, has a share of an old London bus so this was decorated and we all left the hotel they were staying at and took the trip to Marylebone Registry Office.

This is Claire and her sister, Lucy, on the journey. Steve sat upstairs.

Here's the happy couple leaving the Registry Office. I love this photo as it has really happy faces, a beautiful building and steps and a load of confetti, just as a wedding should be.

This photo has Ann and David, Claire's parents and Steve's lovely mum Colleen and her partner, whose name I have to confess to have forgotten so big apologies there. Steve's dad was unable to make the wedding.

After the ceremony, we all got back on the bus and it took us to the Thames, where we had the reception on a boat. This has to be one of the best places to hold the reception. There were storms by this time and we had great views of it, while having a giggle with family we hadn't seen for ages. This is Andy and Lucy larking about (Lucy did a lot of larking that night).

We sat at tables for the meal and I was sat with Nicole, Steve's sister and we got on really well. She's a real laugh as you can see here. Lucy and Nicole have the same shoe size so they swapped

Of course, I can't do a blog post of an evening out without a mention of the food. Mmmm it was scrummy from the Pimms and canapes when we first went on board right down to the wedding cake that was chocolate. Double mmmmmm. You can see the ~{Wedding Adornment}~ I made using the Wedding Kit for Bubbly Scrumptious. Click on the link if you want to see how.

It turns out that Claire has a very similar taste in music to me so, after a bit of chair dancing, I even got up to have a proper boogie - I haven't done that for years! I was completely outshone by Rach and Lucy who had the energy of youth on their side. Lucy didn't stop dancing all evening!

I really enjoyed going out somewhere and spending time gossiping with Lynne somewhere different from home. We all wore a piece of nan's jewellery that we had inherited so we took her with us. I've got a big beaded necklace that I wore as a bracelet and a ring. It turned out that Nicole was also wearing a necklace that had been her nan's too.

Finally, here's a couple of sights along the river.

It was so different to any other wedding I've been to and I have to say it's up there with Lynne and Andy's as my favourites. I really don't mind feeling so pants for a while after having so much fun, so thanks to Claire and Steve for inviting us to share their special day with them.


Rosie (Freycob) said...

Great piccies Kaz. Looks like you all had a whale of a time!

Great to see Rach so well & happy too!


Janice said...

Oh I'm so pleased that you all had a good time, you were certainly due it! Love the one with the shoes, that's a classic lol.

Angelnorth said...

Fab pics - must have taken you an age to upload! Looks like a brilliant wedding, everyone looks happy and the girls look like they're having a great time on the dancefloor! Did Lucy decide she's never wearing high heels after that experience?!

Karen said...

Awe I love a good wedding!!! You look like you are having a great time & you look so lovely hon. Shame there isn't a pic of you having a boogie tho haha XXX

Moogsmum said...

What a special day :)

I just love that London bus and the trip down the Thames must have made it a really memorable day. Fab photos, Kaz!


Traceyr said...

That wedding sounds like so much fun Kaz. Glad you all had a great day and some lovely memories.


Kathy said...

What a fab way to celebrate a wedding, Kaz - it looks so much fun.