Wednesday, 17 June 2009

The Real DT Entry ;)

Ok. So you remember that card from the last post? Still don't like it. Got myself in a right grump about it ha ha. So I had a regroup, and a think (and some dinner - boy, can my BIL cook a mexican) and I had another play.

This time I'm happier. It could be because I've used my fave Hero Art text stamp (I know you love your one too Suzie, cos I've seen you use it). Or it could be because I've got more white on the card. I'm really into white bases to cards at the mo. Anyhoo, this is the one I'd prefer to be judged on if you don't mind ladies!

Just a quick reply to the bunny photos.

The bunnies are sisters (OMG that makes it worse). You may wish to refer back to ~{this incident}~ last year.

Yes they are unbearable cute, but they are quite stroppy at times. And Karen, it is lovely to have cuddles off the bunnies, but you have to catch them first and then Pepper is a little fidget bum.

Kaz xxxx


Rosie (Freycob) said...

Yeah this is better, I'm liking this one. I always envy those who can do white space well, and you certainly have here chick!

Fingers crossed.

Karen said...

brilliant my lovely! XXX

Suzie said...

Oooh yes, I like this one! (I did like the other one too though!) Recognised the stamp straight away lol. No comment on the randy rabbits!!!

Angelnorth said...

Maybe you're happier because you didn't spend so long faffing with it? I did like the first one but I like this too - you know I like me some white space in a design and this looks great!

tracy said...

very nice kaz :) laughing ou load at the bunnies though :)

Traceyr said...

Kaz I like this card and the colours you have chosen.

I thought the text paper was a bought one didn't realise it was a stamp. Great. :)

Carol said...

Kaz what a gorgeous card - good luck with the DT call. I have that stamp and use it all the time I think that I have used that stamp more than any other. xx

Sue said...

Super card Kaz, prefer this one I think.
Sue x