Saturday, 25 July 2009

Baby reveal and a bunny

Now that it's Saturday, I can reveal the sneaky peek from last Sunday for ~{Rosie-Dee's Challenge}~ which was 'Baby'.

I'd made these crochet birds, so I added ribbons to make them into a mobile. I'd saved the pattern for them from a freebie booklet with a magazine ages ago, ready for when I'd learnt to crochet. Thankfully, Karen taught me at the retreat so I had a go. I'm fine now with double crochet and working in the round, but I'm still struggling with flowers as I just can't seem to get the petals even. As soon as a pattern mentions trebles and half-trebles, my mind goes completely blank.

The birds are now sitting very happily on the wall thingy I got for Christmas from Lynne. I have plans for more 'things' on there when I get the chance.

I've come up to Lynne's again and I'm happy to say that Mopsy is doing really well as a solo bunny. In fact, she may be doing too well as she's putting on a little bit now she can actually get to the food without her sister chasing her away.

She's sitting in the toilet and you can see where Pepper had eaten the plastic!! What she does seem to be missing is the grooming as she has a right punky hairdo at the mo!!


Janice said...

Aw, lovely to see Mopsey and here that she is not pining for her mate.

Karen said...

Awe....Mopsy looks so snooty!!! hahahahaha....perhaps she is growing a mohican!!!

Your little birds look fabulous sweetie XXX

Traceyr said...

Kaz you will have to get a brush and groom her yourself.

The tweeters are lovely. :)

Angelnorth said...

Those birdies look great on the wall tree thing (which is fab in itself!). Mopsy looks quite sweet with the mohawk hairdo!

Sue said...

Ah what cute little birdies.
Sue x