Monday, 27 July 2009

Lucy's Masterpiece

Apparently, in the last week of term, Lucy's teacher gave everyone a postcard size piece of card and a selection of coloured plasticine and asked them to decorate it with flowers. Most of the children made flowers out of the plasticine, but Lucy used it to create a textured abstract.

I know I'm biased being her auntie, but I really like this, especially as she's only 10. It's just a bit different.

She has layered the flowers with different colours and simply spread it out with her fingernail.

Thanks for having a look at this, she is delighted to have her work shown on here.

Kaz and Lucy xxx


Traceyr said...

That is excellent Kaz - Lucy you are a wonderful artist and a brilliant swimmer I hear. x x


blackdragon said...

brilliant work lucy.... you're a very talented young lady... i wish i had thought of it... and i wish i could do it as well as you... i shall try it for myself.. its so effective. A WONDERFUL PIECE OF ART.
LOVE lynx

Kathy said...

wow, Kaz - that's one talented niece you have there. This looks fab - reminds me of a batik design, it would definitely work as a fabric print. Well done Lucy

Angelnorth said...

Fantastic job Lucy, I love the way you have the shapes going right off the edges of the paper, it gives a great sense of being right up close with the flowers. The texture from the Plasticine looks wonderful, too!

Karen said...

Oh WOW Lucy!!!! This is amazing!!! I would never have thought of this!!! You tell Aunty Kaz that this would make a fantastic background for a card if she printed off the picture....but make sure she gives you some stash in return. HUGS XXX

Janice said...

Oh Wow Lucy! I would hang that on my wall. I love the colours and textures, so beautiful.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Lucy that is fantastic! Far better than anything I could paint! Really brilliant!

Lucy x

Jackie said...

Brilliant work Lucy :)

Sue said...

Wow what a clever idea!
It works so well with those colours - well done Lucy.
Sue x