Monday, 6 July 2009

Mrs Pot

I got one of those awful phone calls from Lynne on Thursday just gone. She called to tell me that, through a fluke set of incidents, the bunnies had got out of their run and the fox had been in the garden at the time and got Pepper. Andy saw the fox with Pepper in it's mouth, but luckily it dropped her. Unfortunately, she had died from shock. Mopsy was fine though.

Lucy called me a while after as she wanted to talk to me because she knewhow much I love those buns and she asked me to go back up there as soon as possible. I said I would be there in a couple of weeks.

About an hour later Lynne phoned and asked if there was any way I could get there sooner, so dad (you've gotta love him) took me there after I'd thrown a few bits in a bag. When I got there I found out Rach had asked me on facebook if I could go! I had to ask why as I don't do anything much while I'm there.

I spent the weekend with them before coming home. I couldn't write this blog post until now as it was so sad looking through the photos to chose some favourites. Lynne and I put Mopsy back in the outside run on Saturday morning and just sat on the step and cried as it didn't seem right without Pepper there too, while poor little Lucy told us all the comforting and reassuring things we had been telling her!!! However, it wasn't all sad as we did spend a long time laughing about her as she was a real character and we all had so many funnies about her.

This is when I first met Pepper, she was so tiny! That didn't last long as she was the dominant bunny and bulked up a lot!!

Part of that was due to her love of food ........

She was even partial to a bit of the toilet ............................. (forgive the poo shot!)

We used to have to give them their breakfast in 2 bowls as Pepper would chase Mops away from it, or just headbutt her out of the way. Mind you, even doing that didn't always work as she'd often sit in Mopsy's bowl while eating out of her own!

They have a box that they like to sit on or in (and while in it they have a good dig about in the straw). When I was putting the box in one morning, Pepper couldn't wait for it to get into place and jumped onto the top while it was at an angle. She wasn't often known for her brain power and kept sliding backwards and then scrambling back up the slope while Rach and I just laughed and laughed at her. Here's 'the boss' sat on her box.

Usually when the bunnies were taken indoors, Pepper would be a right fidget on your lap and hop from one lap to another. However, when Rach was extremely ill, we took Pepper to sit with her and Pepper must have sensed how ill she was as she just sat in Rach's arms and didn't move.

I shall really miss her as she was so friendly, even if she was prone to stroppiness at times. She'd come over and see you and if you put your face by hers, she'd give you a good sniff and then if she was in a good mood she'd lick your nose!! She always had to keep an eye on you when you were cleaning the hutch out and this would often lead her to have a digging fit. This was usually in the tunnel so she got nowhere!!

They are keeping a close eye on Mopsy to make sure she doesn't pine too much. From what I saw at the weekend, I think she's going to be fine. She has more space in the hutch and gets to eat when she likes, rather than to make sure she gets some! In fact, she spent most of yesterday eating!

Here's one of the last photos I took of my lovely Mrs Pot last weekend. And yes, she is trying to eat the run!!


Suzie said...

Aw what a lovely tribute to Pepper, Kaz - I'm sure she is happily playing in bunny heaven :)

Angelnorth said...

Lovely post Kaz and you have some fab photos and memories there - hope Rach and Lynne are feeling a bit more composed about it now and that Mopsy continues to enjoy her extra space rather than pining.

Karen said...

Awe I have a lump in my throat reading that but a smile as well! Pepper was certainly a character, thank you for all the lovely photo's of her XXX

Janice said...

A lovely tribute to Pepper, great to see all those photos, she had a great life, something to celebrate.

Kathy said...

aww Kaz. You have some wonderful memories and some fabulous photos of that little bunny. You've all been through a lot together and the bunnies were a big part of it all. She'll always have a special place in your hearts

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Oh Kaz!!! I am so sorry to hear what that evil fox did to Pepper (I know it's only nature, but it's still not fair!)

Fantastic photos, and a lovely tribute. You brought tears to my eyes too.

Hope you all remember her character, not her pain.

Lots of love to you all.


Anonymous said...

RIP Pepper.

Traceyr said...

Gorgeous photos Kaz. What a lovely rabbit Pepper was. :)

Sue said...

Oh what sad news Kaz but some beautiful pics to remember her by.
Sue x