Saturday, 22 August 2009

New Toolbox.

When we were at the retreat, ~{Tracey}~ had a couple of fab boxes for storing things in and these were made from washing powder boxes. It was only this week when ~{Karen}~ was asking about them that I realised this could be just the answer for my bits and pieces I use all the time.

I've been storing my tools in an Ikea glass jar, which looks nice, but it has been a total pain getting things out of it as everything seems to go through the handles of scissors and this always makes me swear!

So this week, I've been painting, stamping, gessoing and inking.

I'd just bought a new box, so had already cut into the old one for book covers, but I couldn't wait until I needed some more, so I found something else for the washing tablets and attacked the new box! I have no patience.

All I have done is follow Tracey's instructions to carefully undo the box, then decorate the inside and stick it back with the inside as the outside. I've just put white paper to line the inside so it looks better and put 2 cardboard dividers in.

Thanks Tracey (and Karen for mentioning it).

I won't show you the back as I was doing a bit of practising and it's a total mess!!

Oh and you may have noticed the new look blog too. I love this colour combo, but there wasn't a freebie header, so I've had to have a go myself. It's very simple because I can't do anything else. I've tried using some digi bits I have got, but couldn't get the sizings right to put flowers and bits on so it's only done using fonts. One day I'll understand the workings of digi crafting.


Angelnorth said...

The blog makeover looks fab and so does the tool box, maybe I need to buy washing powder - not sure the liquid containers would suit the purpose quite as well ;o)

Net said...

I love that Kaz!

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Great box Kaz. Well done you.

And as for the blog makeover... bloody stunning chick!


Gez said...

Loving the new look to your blog Kaz. The colours are so you!! Your box is fab too.xx

I get that problem with everything going through the scissor handles its a right pain!

Your header looks fab.xx

Karen said...

oooo love the new look blog...gorgeous colours!!!

Goodness you were quick to do that box!!! It looks fabulous XXX

Sue said...

Wow you have been busy recently Kaz. What a lot of gorgeous projects you have completed.
I love your new tool box and the new blog is fab - love your little bunny.
Sue x

Janice said...

I love your new blog look, well done with making your own header.

Traceyr said...

Kaz how fabulous is your box? Much more glamorous that mine! Brilliant work.

The blog layout is looking stunning too. Love the mint green and the half circles down each side.