Wednesday, 28 October 2009


Favourite day alert!! It's time to have a nose at other people's desks and stash for ~{WOYWW}~

I got back from Lynne's and had to do a few quickie cards for ~{Bubbly Scrumptious}~ yesterday as it was my day to post. I'd done all the writing up and linking etc while at Lynne's so just had the easy bit to do when I got in. You can see a few of the cards on the left. Click on the link above to see them in more detail on the blog. And, if you've not been on there yet, why not?? There's loads of inspiration there if your mojo is flagging.

You can also see the thank you cards I've started for my b'day gifts this morning. I gave up after taking the photo and had a snooze!! I'm still like a child when it comes to thank you's; it's a great idea, but tedious, although I do like the making of them. There are also a couple of other Christmas projects on the go and, oh look, I bought some more Tim stamps!! Birthday money all spent now.

This next photo is for Carmen to show her just how much stuff you can cram onto an ikea desk. I went to ikea recently Carmen and thought they'd got a new desk in as it seemed smaller in there, just like you thought!!

About 95% of the storage is ikea too, you can't beat them for bargains I think. I didn't put the magazine racks on and stacked a couple of their wooden drawer sets in the space. These have wooden stamps in them and a few of the bigger size inkpads.

The bin thing on the desk is for the tiny scraps of paper you get and once it's full (and I've squished it down 2 or 3 times) I fill an envelope with them and put them in the recycling so that the bits don't go flying on collection day.

It looks reasonably tidy and organised I reckon, but just look what's behind me when I'm at the desk:

I'm desperately wanting to get this sorted, but it's just not happening!!

Looking forward to mooching through everybody elses bits now.

Kaz xxx


Jane said...

I can't get near my work desk at the moment as i've a great pile of sewing awaiting my time! so its stacked with materials and patterns i have saved from my cross stitch and knitting magazines. I love how much you have sitting behind you it looks just like mine under the desk. Jane x

Rosie (Freycob) said...

That's too tidy to be busy! Get some work done girl!

At first glance on the recliner I could have sworn that you had a speculum sitting there! I had to zoom in to check. Thankfully it was a set of pliers and grips!


Karen said...

hahahaha at Rosie!!!!

mmm...that looks very tidy but I know you have been away so I forgive you!!! But on the other hand I do admire your storage hon XXX

Gez said...

LOL Rosie!!!

Oooh we have been treated tonight Kaz. :-D 3 photos! it's miles too tidy tho..xx

Chrissie said...

Very tidy desk!!!! Shouldn't be allowed and I love all that storage! I need a bigger room!

Sue said...

Kaz I love the view of what is behind you. I have a sofa bed bed behind my table and it's usually piled high while I am crafting.
Most of my stuff is Ikea as well. Lol.
Sallie has the same desk as you but not half as much on it.
Sue x

Angelnorth said...

Hmmm, good job we know you've been away otherwise we might think you'd given up crafting - far too much clear space going on there! Love how much you've managed to cram on that IKEA desk!

Susie Sugar said...

Hi welcome home !!
lovely "thank you" cards and the long legged robins look cute too.
I nipped over to see the fantastic Christmas tree cards and the tutorial... amazing they look really classy and you make them look so easy I must "have a go"
I have piles of stash on the floor behind me just the same ...we just can't help it can we, is that a Janome sewing machine I see on the floor in the last photo ? I have one too of my fav toys !! Nosey aren't I !! lol
Love Susie xx

Janice said...

I can see why your desk is so tidy Kaz. It's all on the floor ROFL!

Linda Elbourne said...

That comment just above me is soooo funny ... a bit rude but ver ver funny! :0)

I love all your little piles of things ... bet you know where everything is too don't ya ... Why bother sorting ... you will only buy more and have to sort that too *LOL*

Yvonne said...

Fab , just what i love to see , craft all over the place, less cleaning, lol
Just love the black and white boxes ( are they from IKEA?
Well come on you don't need to sort stuff out, you will never find it again

Nikki said...

Great Space those Ikea Boxes are just so handy Plus it helps make everything appear tidy till you open the box lol

tracy said...

your desk looks very neat and organzied kaz......shame about the rest of the room LOL

Carmen said...

Blurdy Hell girl! I'm loving this :D Just wait till OH gets home and I can show him. Great idea with the drawers. I did put one of the magazine racks up and now have an Ikea basket thing hanging off it. That is only until I can afford a laptop and shift my clunky old tower into the girls bedroom. (They can't wait for that either)

Love your space. Think I need to buy some more stuff! :D

Kathy said...

ahhhh you had me worried for a minute there - I thought you'd been having a real good sort out and tidy up!

You seem t have quite a few projects on the go. I recognise some things and not others so I guess I'll just have to wait and see what you make with it all

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

The desk is remarkably tidy Kaz :) you have managed to cram loads into the top bit. I know what you mean about wanting to sort stuff out, I'd been supposedly doing mine for about 18 months and though I've sorted a lot recently since I got a new desk, there's still quite a lot to do; but it's so much nicer to be doing something crafty ;)
Anne x

sassy said...

i darnt for the life of me show you my behind..i mean whats behind me lol!!! and my desk well how come i only have a sapce on a 5ft x6ft desk with a five inch square for playing in im a scruffy toad...hugs sassyx