Wednesday, 18 November 2009


Oh dear ........................

..................... not a lot going on there is there? The mojo has upped and been gone since the weekend. Nothing. I sat at the desk and had some bits in front of me, but it was a blank so I put it away. I do, however, have an alternative workspace on my kitchen table:

........... I finally got around to felting the crocheting I did a couple of weeks back. The glasses and vases are to shape them until they're dry in case you're wondering. To join in the desk nosiness, go to ~{Julia's Blog}~

I've been struggling a bit emotionally of late to do with the illness and the restrictions it has on my life, but since I admitted it to my sis, and therefore to myself, I've been feeling better about it. I also have had the best therapy you could have. My ex's sister took me to Dunelm yesterday for a spend up. I hadn't seen her since before my birthday, so I had another few pressies to open. She bought me this:

Can't think why. The only trouble with the shopping was that I decided I wasn't going to use the wheelchair, so I walked. I haven't tried it for a while and I guess you have to give it a go else you'd never know if you could. Well, I can't! I was being stubborn as it really is so difficult shopping when you're in a chair. Within half an hour of getting in, it was very clear I shouldn't have done it! And now, today is pretty pants, but the best thing is, I am happy today. Yes I feel manky, yes I am sore and yes I was silly, but I had the best time. We had coffee and cake and I got this little lot:

So sorry this post doesn't have any mess on a desk to look at, but I have given you bargains instead. That pink box was £1.99 and the silver thingy that will be cut up for crafty projects was 99p!! And those balls? £1.99.

Here's hoping that the other desks I'm about to nosey at will entice the mojo back.

Kaz xx


Karen said...

lmao at that piggy bank....sooo you my lovely!!!

Your felt things are looking good...lovely colours!!!

So your desk is tidy??? Who cares cos as soon as your mojo is back it will be brimming with gorgeousness again!!

You take care of yourself, HUGS XXX

Angie said...

I love bargains ...and yes your desk is too tidy but without mojo whats a person to do.
My Mojo so often packs its bag and disappears ...but returns eventually ready for the off.
This is the begining of the rubbish part of the year for ME sufferers ... Do you get SAD too?
I know you need to try to see how well you are ...but going shopping without a chair ?????

Take care of yourself ...glad you had a good time anyway xx

Hazel said...

Glad you had a day out yesterday - shame about the chair, but, as you say, unless you try you don't know ... but you do now, so just make sure you behave in the future! Hope the mojo returns soon - sure it will. Love your bargains - I was thinking of trying to get Christmas decs of the colour of those baubles this year, but haven't seen any. x

Wipso said...

Oh bless you. It sounds rather like me :-) I suffer arthritis and often push myself too far and suffer the next day but as I say you never know it's too far til youve done it. :-) Hope you pick yourself up really soon and get back to having fun with your crafting. A x

Carmen said...

It's horrible when the mojo deserts you, I had a week like that last week, it's possibly because you are so tired and knackered. mojo is recuperating :)

Good bargains you got there. And yus I'd love to know what mini punch and yellow car pinch are.

Haven't forgotten your images either, just haven't been down the local craft shop to get some decent paper to stamp on. In dire need now as... prepare yourself... I've run out of DST! *gasp* I'll go down tomorrow ;)

Susie Sugar said...

Hello darling desk is a little bare yes but now you have lovely new stash I'm sure your mojo will return to play with its new toys !!he he
I hope you treated yourself to some yummy hot chocolate to put in your new mug ? Sounds like you had a fun day out, I love the piggy bank too.
Thanks for offering to stamp me some scary girlsI will send you some card to stamp them on and some for you to try too, I use Concord smooth white record card its not expensive and I have tons. Email me your address (email link on my blog) and let me know what your would like me to stamp you in return.
Love Susie xx

Kathy said...

Oh dear, a naked desk - hope the mojo returns soon hunny.
Love the pig - what a brilliant pressie.
You got some lovely stuff yesterday - I bought that paper pad just the other week - not had a chance to dip into it yet though.

I did wonder at the lovely crocheted bottle and tub holders, but then I though, "well it is Kaz...."

Julia Dunnit said...

Ah, but if you're busy shopping and felting, then the mojo is just being re-channeled. Do not fear, as soon as you feel a bit better,it'll be waiting. And no need to apologisr for a tidy desk, gracious,mostly I blog about trying to achieve just that! Sorry that you're feeling pants at the mo, but happy that it was worth the effort. Feel better soon gal.

LadyBug said...

Sorry to hear you are feeling so unspired at the moment (and sore from your shopping trip) it's good to get out though and your shopping goodies look lovely!!! can't wait to see the feltie bits once dry :)

LadyBug said...

Sorry to hear you are feeling so unspired at the moment (and sore from your shopping trip) it's good to get out though and your shopping goodies look lovely!!! can't wait to see the feltie bits once dry :)

Angelnorth said...

Felty bits are looking good! Sorry you've been feeling emotionally strained recently - it's not blooming surprising it gets you down sometimes though is it? Glad you got some retail therapy in and good to hear that you feel better today even if physically worse, IYSWIM. The cow is fab!

Net said...

Love that cow! Retail therapy is always good.

Sorry you feel pants Kaz - remember you manage 'it' don't let 'it' manage you. ;))

Oh do you want me to come and mess up your desk?

Carol said...

aw Net glad to hear that you feel a bit happier today. Love dunelm for their beaded trim! glad to see you got some amongst your bargains - great pig too.

Take care girlie xx

Linda Elbourne said...

That piggy bank is the best ... love it! I hope your mojo returns soon hun ... I find a challenge sometimes help ... big hugs ... I despair when I misplace mine!

Pam said...

Kaz Love the piggy bank. Sorry you're paying for a fab day yesterday. Your mojo will be back soon. Thanks for visiting my desk. Hugs (but only a gentle one don't want to give you any more aches and pains) Pam xx

Sam said...

wow - that has just GOT to be the tidiest desk I have ever seen!! Hurry up and make it as messy as mine again!! ;-)

Love that cow piggy bank by the way - but shouldn't it be called a cowy bank not a piggy bank!! ;-)

Traceyr said...

Kaz - shock horror a tidy desk get and mess it up real quick. Love your goodies and so glad you enjoyed your shopping spree just next time take the chair!.

Love Traceyr :)
x x x

Scrappy~Sarah said...

LOVE that piggy me too. Hope you are feeling better soon. Love the bargins and the work you have done :)

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Get working ya lazy moo! LOL!!!

Hope you're feeling a bit better today. Listen to your body, stop being stubborn and use your bloody chair!


Susie Sugar said...

There is a little award on my blog for you
Hugs Susie xx

Janice said...

Aw Kaz. Glad to hear you a feeling a bit better. That mad cow disease is a bit of a b*gg*r and as your farming adviser I would recommend the only remedy - CHOCOLATE! At least 3 times a day, combined with regular outpatients at Dunelm and Ikea. XXX