Wednesday, 30 December 2009

WOYWW - oh bugger!

I'm still at Lynne's so there's no paper-crafting going on, unless you count 'hunt for the BG paper pack that appears to have gone missing'.

What I am doing though is despairing at my laptop:

The lid part (probably has a name, but I can't think of it) has had a crack in it for a while and the hinge cover fell off, but over the last 3 days it has all gone horribly wrong. It's broken and it doesn't close straight any more:

I knew I'd be needing a new one this year sometime as it's been doing odd things for a couple of months, but I really could do with making do for a little longer. I'm going back to a Dell lappy, just need a good enough deal!

I did, however, start a new monkey yesterday in this lovely wool. The flash has made it look a lot brighter than it is, but it's lovely to knit with.

I shall have a look through the other WOYWW blogs a bit later on as it's lunchtime and I'm feeling a bit peckish!!

If you fancy having a nosey or joining in, head over to ~{Julia's Blog}~.

Kaz xx


Janice said...

Interesting wool Kaz! Hope your lappie survives for a little while longer.

Wipso said...

Hmmm a monkey eh? Can't wait to see the finished result.
A x

Jane said...

Oh dear your poor laptop, hope it soldiers on for a while longer. Glad to hear a monkey is in the offing. Jane x

SueH said...

What a shame that your old laptop is terminal, what a good excuse for a new one err?

Loving the new monkey colour too, nice and bright for dull, wet winters day.

x x x

Carol said...

oh dear poor lappy - I've got a dell - got it at a really good price too - but, that was a couple of years ago's the time to get looking tho' as the VAT goes back up on Friday!!

Love the colour of that wool - that monkey will be very colourful xx

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Oh dear pity about the laptop :( Hope you get the deal you want with Dell ;) Hope you're going to show us the monkey when he's finished.
Best wishes for 2010
Anne x

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Knickers about the lappy chick!

Freya's just got a Netbook - quite reasonably priced too! That'd be a cheaper option and it was a better spec than a Dell.


Karen said...

Awe poor lappy looks terminal, hope it lasts you a bit longer honey!

oooo love the colour of the new monkee! XXX

Julia Dunnit said...

LOVE the monkey colour, HATE what happened to the lappy - oh help! Wish I could suggest soemthing. Trouble is, my suggestion is not to let it go too far because we don't want you to fall off the interweb!

Nikki said...

Sorry about your laptop just blame it on the monkey when your done him, he looks like a nice bright one too when your done
Happy New Year

tracy said...

poor lappy! i hope he makes it back home ;)

Traceyr said...

Lovely wool indeed Kaz. Sorry to hear about the laptop but I hope in the New Year you get the one that you hope for. Take care and look forward to seeing your beautiful creations in 2010.

Happy New Year. x x


Carmen said...

Loving the funky monkey colour! Hope your lappy gets sorted soon, we have Dell too and would definitely buy that again :)

Linby said...

Thanks for visiting my desk! The papers are Papetrey pads - have a look at one of my cards today for use of one of them.