Wednesday, 9 December 2009

WOYWW - Plus a special treat

I can't believe the last time I blogged was a week ago! Well I did blog yesterday on Bubbly Scrumptious and Tando, but it's a pressie for my dad so I couldn't put it on here just in case.

This week the desk is tidier. Yesterday I had a call from my sister, Lynne, saying she was looking at my desk and it was a disgrace! Her words were 'no wondered you're so knackered if you're trying to make stuff in that!' Why she's surprised I can't guess as I was making that mess at hers at the beginning of the year.

So anyhooo, here's today's desk:

I've just started working on something for next Tuesday's BS post and you can just see a glimpse on the left. There's a little bit of beading to go on it, bet you hadn't guessed that? The turquoisey green ribbon on the right was today's gift from my secret santa.

The paperweight is glowing again, so I've taken a photo of it without a flash so you can see the lovely innerds.

It's surprising how glowy it is from just a few flakes.

Last week someone mentioned the bunnies in a photo on a drawer; they are my nieces bunnies, but sadly Pepper, the one on the left died this year, so it's just Mopsy now. I adore(d) those bunnies. When Pepper died, Lynne and Andy looked into getting a puppy as they have always said they would get one, and on Sunday the dog at the breader's gave birth to 9 puppies!! And here she is looking pretty chuffed at herself.

The trouble is, now I want to have one of them.

I shall now be off to examine the desks of everyone else. I'm hoping that Paige will have an update on her puppies!

Kaz xxx


Karen said...

ooo beads are out!!!! Look forward to seeing what prettiness you make!!!

Awe I just love those puppies! XXX

Kathy said...

ohhhhh BEADY ALERT! can't wait to see what you're making Kaz.

Take no notice of Lynne - you have to SEE your stuff, don't you - how else can you see what goes with what? ;)

Julia Dunnit said...

You see, they get excited at the beads - my first thought was 'hope she ain't planning to drink them'!!
Paperweight is beautiful, glowy or not! And this sister of yours - tidy up police??!!! Luckily, my sister wouldn't have a leg to stand on!!

Wipso said...

Really love the paperweight and the way it glows. Oh... and I think I'd be pretty proud too if I had just given birth to all those babies :-)They are just gorgeous
A x

Gez said...

Ooooh more lovely beads..delish so is your gorgeous paper weight. Doesn't Lynne know tidy is boring! & that'll never do! :-)

Angelnorth said...

How stylish are your beading tools then? Look forward to seeing the finished product!

Janice said...

Yep great innards lol! Those puppies are just so gorgeous and I've never seen such a satisfied expression on a collie!

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Your desk looks interesting ;) Love the striped tools they look fabby! Was slightly disappointed to find that the vase wasn't full of Quality Street but coloured glass :(
Anne x

Traceyr said...

Much better desk than last week Kaz. Yes that dog does look very pleased with herself doesn't she.


Pam said...

Ok last week the bunnies were cute, but I think those puppies have just knocked them off the top spot. How cute are they!

Hugs pam

Sam said...

oh those puppies are cute!

I do like the look of those stripey tools - fun to use and fun to look at!

Nikki said...

Your Beading tools are just so admazing with those strips on them
and awe puppies so cute

tracy said...

another one that works in a small space,i don't know how you girls do it!!!
loving the puppys :)

Caroline said...

ooooh Kaz! love the photo of the puppies, so sweet!
Your desk is very tidy Kaz - whats in the glass?

SueH said...

Are you sure you desk is much tidier that last week Kaz, I’m thinking there’s only a slight improvement but the addition of the beading tools is very interesting! Can’t wait to see what creations are in the offing.

And as for wanting one of the puppies, I think that very restrained…….I would want all of them….Aww

Susie Sugar said...

Hello darling how did I miss you out on Wednesday !!? sorry !!
I love your tools with the stripey handles they are really snazzy
oh and cute cute pups (and mum of course)
I will try not to miss you next week
Hugs Susie xx