Wednesday, 27 January 2010

WOYWW - have I got a treat for you?!

Oh yes, it really is good nosing this week girls. I'm making up for not being here for a while. But I have an excuse (I had to didn't I?). Well, you see, before Christmas I was thinking I'd be home to sort out my craft room, so there was no need to tidy it. I'd cancelled all the DT stuff for January to give myself time ..... blah blah blah.

Here's the desk where I've been working on the Feb Vanilla Sugar project. The little space is where I was working on it, but I've moved it out of view.

That's not too bad is it? Well take a look behind me!

I think there may be a chair under there somewhere! The trouble is, I'm now trying to catch up on crafty things I would have done had I been here, but because I didn't tidy before I went, I'm having to rummage through boxes and piles as I've forgotten where I put anything. #

This is the other corner in the room and I have a feeling you may be able to see a bit of floor, but only a bit.

There are also a few goodies that I bought in the sales between Christmas and New Year thinking I'd be home. Oh the naivity!! Still it was lovely to come back to goodies (and yes I had forgotten some of what I ordered). I just need to find somewhere to put them!

That'll have to wait though as it's my dad's birthday this weekend and I've made him this:

Lynne and I have bought him tickets to see Wicked and to have a meal at the same time, so I've made a gift wallet.

Lynne has the actual tickets so I've just made a voucher. I now need to make him a card and then I can finally start sorting the stash out.

I shall be nipping over to your blogs in a bit. Don't forget, if you want to join in and have a good virtual rummage through someone elses bits, go to ~{Julia's Blog}~

Kaz xxx


Linda Elbourne said...

Blimey Blimey where shall I start? On the card ... I shall start on the card ... it is lovely and what a lovely gift ... as for the rest ... dear dear ... you know you should have tidied before you left ... but where is the fun in that???? Great to have you back sweetie X

Gez said...

It's been lovely having a rumage Kaz. Think I might have spied your Jan art journal squares but then again... ooh & a squidge of floor..hehe. Definately still room for more. :) Not sure if you've space for any coal!!!
Have a super weekend with your dad. I'm sure he's going to love his meal & the show.xx

Karen said...

haha I love the gift card & what an amazing present...he will love it!!!

Now the craft think mine was all too tidy well you haven't seen the floor (perhaps I will pic that next week haha) looks like yours!!! I don't envy you sorting that lot out but hey...just think of the goodies you will find!!! Goodluck :)


Nicks said...

I suddenly feel heaps better about my heap LOL

Hazel said...

When I saw the first picture I thought 'what's she on about, that's reasonable' ... but, as I went on .... oh dear ... but you've obviously got so many goodies to play with x

Wipso said...

I could happily rummage through that lot for hours :-)
A x
If you haven't been over to look yet we have a Gift Draw going on over in our new shop so please pop over and join in. Good luck.
A x

Anesha said...

Fab voucher and holder! Anesha

Anonymous said...

Great voucher holder and a great gift too! But that room! Oh my! Still at least you have a valid excuse what with the snow and all. It'll be great tidying it up and "rediscovering" things again. That's the best bit!


Susan said...

Great card!
The room - well - you'll have fun discovering all the things you had forgotten about ;-)
........oh and if you need help rediscovering your stash I think I know several able ladies!

Pam said...

Great card, but there is no way making just that could create all that chaos!!!

Hugs Pam

Angelnorth said...

Good grief, I'm starting to feel better about my own space somehow! Hope the stuff you need is magically emerging from the depths so you don't need to tidy too much! Your dad's gift wallet looks fab and what a great gift, I'm sure he'll love it!

Ann said...

Great card and gift too. I'm sure he will be thrilled.
As for your craft room - my husband would have a heart attack, or more probably,
a D-I-V-O-R-C-E !!

Julia Dunnit said...

I KNEW it would be worth the wait!! Your room may be a glory hole to some, but I have really enjoyed browsing around it. Love that you too work in a teeny space on a big old surface!! Presume that you're blogging from your new laptop - are you a happy techno Kez then? And my DD says WICKED is thebest show she's ever seen. High praise I can tell you!

Susie Sugar said...

Blimel girl I though I was on me own blog !! lol this looks very like my space your not copying me are you !!! lol or has our friendship led you astay !!! lol
I've been here for ages having a rummage I didn't take anything although I was tempted to nick a few flowers !! he he
Your wallet card is wicked and I love the DP
Hugs Susie xx

Sharon said...

Oooh I'd love a rummage in your room!
I love the gift wallet you have made your dad too...x

Paula Gale said...

hi Kaz thanks for dropping by my blog earlier and thanks for your kind words.

The 'trug' will be used for storage - i'm going to make it into a little space for a 3 year old to store her hair accessories. I'll post an 'after' shot.

Can I come and visit you and help you with your ctaft room - i like a good challenge - I recently did mine which was quite liberating and has led me to tidier ways!!!

You've a lot going on in that room - did I spy a zutter bind it all? is it worth the investment, I've wondered about adding one to my inventory!!!

Thanks again

Paula x x x

Rosie said...

Nooooo - I'm sorry I can't bear it! It makes me want to come round and sort it out. Must keep taking the tablets ....

Carmen said...

OMG! My OH would die on the spot if he walked into that - I have tried to get away with it believe me but crafting in the dining room... well... I suppose he has a point. *g*

Guess what? I finally had some card arrive to stamp on! Wooohooo! So expect some Mary's in the post. I am mega sorry (and embarrassed) they are so late but they are on the way!

Kathy said...

oh Kaz, it does my heart good to see your desk and to know that I have a rival for the Messiest Crafter award. But, it all looks so busy and creative and that can't be bad, can it?

Love that card - what a fab idea

Carol said...

OH MY GOODNESS I'm surprised at you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!pmsl xx

Love the wallet xx

Traceyr said...

Great present for your Dad - wish him happy birthday from me too please. x x

Your room is a mess you should be ashamed of yourself and sit in the corner - if you can find it hahahaha

I spy a toilet roll on your desk - SNAP!! Also is that an "orange" monkey?????