Thursday, 8 April 2010

Retreat Journal

First off, here's the card that I was making yesterday for my mum, who is doing well. I had a few comments about the paper, which is by Prima.

I also had on my desk my journal for this year's retreat, but it was hidden by papers although this wasn't intentional. So I thought I'd blog what I've done so far. I've used a Tando 6 x 6in ring binder which I've painted with acrylics then given a gesso wash to tone it all down. I've used part of a Paperbag Studios stamp and, of course, Peggy.

I've made a tag out of sticky back canvas and used a Paperartsy quote stamp, then attached it with a split ring smothered in ribbons.

I've used a combination of the chipboard pages and pages made from ripped paper stuck together. Again they've been painted then given a gesso wash and stamped.

I'm getting myself organised for this year so all I need to do is decorate the pages and journal while I'm there.

Last year, we decorated tags for each other with a small photo of ourselves and a message. I'm giving out a little page this year and am planning on using a Stampotique character on the ones I do. Although I may need to think of an alternative for Tracey!!

I've still got a few pages to finish for the journalling and I need to decorate the inside covers, but I think I'll get there.

I had a bit of good news too as I found out I'd made the top 3 again for the Stampotique Designers Challenge! I was really surprised as there were some amazing entries again.

Kaz xxx


Janice said...

OMG that journal is FABULOUS! I want it NOW! How you are going to put any photos in it I don't know, it is too too beautiful.

I so wish I was coming on the retreat (then I could steal it lol)

Julia Dunnit said...

Yeah Janice, you have to get in line behind me for stealing that journal! Love it. Inspired stamping Kaz as always.
Bet your Mum was pleased with that beautiful card.

Anesha said...

Beautiful card and your journal is AMAZING! Anesha

Angelnorth said...

Great card for your mum (hope she's doing OK) and your retreat journal looks absolutely fantastic, love it!

tracy said...

i love your mums card kaz and your journal is goerous :) i've still to think about mine !!

Gez said...

Oh your card is so pretty for your mum. Praying she continues to improve each day.xx
I just love your Journal Kaz to quote my Rachel it's SUPER AWESOME...XXX

Hazel said...

Such a beautiful journal and the card for your mum is so pretty. Congrats for being chosen again for Stampotique (not surprised though)x

Cardarian said...

Love your card and also the journal is amazing...are you really surprised to be in the top 3???? YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!

Jane said...

Wow! your card and journal are beautiful Jane

airing cupboard crafts said...

The card for you rmum is just stunning!!!

Your journal is wow I love it can't wait to see it with all the pictures xx

Traceyr said...

That is an envious journal there Kaz. *shock* Very beautiful and colourful. Please don't choose a different stamp for me I quite like the bird with the long legs from Stampotique so use that one if you like. It is just the people that are a little freaky lol

Well done on coming in the TOP 3 - not surprising really :)

Healing hugs to your Mum too and what a super card. x

Karen said...

OMG Kaz!!!!! I am going to have to rethink my journal as its so similar to yours !!!!!Mind you I don't have those fantabulous stamps :(

Your journal is of course gorgeous & you may have to put it on a lead to stop it going walkies at the retreat hahaha XXX

Di said...

Oh my goodness Kaz, your card is gorgeous...sending hugs to your mum. And as for that journal, keep a close eye on it at the retreat...I'm going to be sitting next to you mhahahahaha!! It is absolutely stunning hun.

Kathy said...

The card is lovely - I recognise that paper from one of the pre Christmas BF kits, I do believe! Fancy still having some left to play with still!
Your book is fab. I love all the colours and the stamping etc.

Well done on making the top 3 - so well deserved, you always use these stamps in such a brilliant way

Sharon said...

I love this!! I really like the colours you have chosen along with the images - they work well together

Sharon said...

Congratulations too!!

Linby said...

Congratulations on your top 3. I love the card and the journal. That paper with the pen nibs is sooo cute and love the way you put the stamped image with it, so quirky.

chrisg said...

Ohhh that journal is SCUMP-DIDLY-UPTIOUS. looking at the names on the pages. have a great time at your retreat

Carol said...

what a fantastic journal - love the colours and those images...have fun filling it with great memories xx

thekathrynwheel said...

Love that journal, it's fab :-) Kate

Sophie LaFontaine said...

Oh! This book is absolutely wonderful!!!!! I love how you put Daniel Torrente's characters in there!!!!!!

Angie said...

Congrats for reaching the top 3.
I LOVE that journal

Paula Gale said...

wow Kaz - this is beautiful - i really love all the colurs you have used in the journal - so refreshing...

well done i love it.

Paula x x x

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