Monday, 24 May 2010

Positive Art Journal Page

After upsetting Paddy and Leigh at the retreat with my moany old trapped by M.E journal page, I needed to do one to show that there are some positive things to have come out of me being ill.

I've blurred out one of the points though as that is very personal to me and not for sharing on the interweb. The comment about the sun was inspired by the lovely weather today, which brought back memories of being grumpy at working when the sun was out!

I bought some new paints this week from the Craft Barn after seeing Di had them, so I've used a combination of those and Ranger paints as I can't afford to get lots of them yet (I know, it's not like me to let a bulging credit card and no money put me off). I also feel very virtuous as they are eco friendly.

The circular holey pattern is made with the offcut of some little alpha stamps I won in the raffle at the retreat. I'd seen someone else use this before, but I can't remember who. The rings are made using a medicine measurer and borrowed the circle look from ~{Kate}~ who uses this a lot on her pages. I've used the paperbag heart stamp yet again as I love it and the crosses are from a mock stitching stamp set I got aaaaages ago.

Kaz xx


Janice said...

More fab pages! I love how positive you are and how you keep your sense of humour. I'm so glad to have 'met' you through the forum - no tears now lol!

Dylan said...

Hi Kaz, just wanted to say I know EXACTLY how you feel and there is life at the end of the tunnel. I was bedridden for 18mths and ill for another 5years. Without my ME I would never have started crafting and my life would have been so different.
Although I would never wish ME on anyone else, my life has become so enriched because of it. Your journal page is lovely, keep thinking positive and eventually your night mare will begin to recede.
Sending love
Dyan xx

Sue said...

How very positive Kaz, such loely thoughts.
I love that heart stamp.
Sue x

Leigh said...

oh hunni--this is amazing!!!!

we sooooo need to paint/ink/stamp/get messy together!! LOL
don't worry about making me cry--its cos you are family now--and families care xxxx

Sue said...

should say 'lovely thoughts' xx

Angelnorth said...

I'm not sure your "trapped" page was moany - just honest and reflective. This one is fab, great to see you can find some positives too - let's hope there are many more of those to come!

Darcy said...

just looked back over your journal pages, they are great, keep it up.

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh my dear friend, this is another amazing entery and gorgeous pages. You could be a professional journaller. In fact, come and live with me for a year or two and journal my life...I'm luckily very well, but suffering a huge pang of jealousy right NOW.

tracy said...

i love this page kaz :)
very brave of you to show everyone,i couldn't do it wether it was good or bad thoughts!

Suzie said...

Gorgeous as always Kaz xxxx

Cardarian said...

This art page is lovely and it made me think....what I should be grateful for! Thank you for sharing your lovely thoughts!

Paddy said...

Kaz, what amazing pages and wonderful sentiments. I didn't cry this time!! Love you loads. Mum xxx

Gez said...

Kaz you are a wonderful person & your artwork is wonderful too. Praying you have more good days than bad ones. Your art journal pages are beautiful. Take care honey.xx

Traceyr said...

Wonderful pages Kaz - more power to your creativity my lovely x x


Anesha said...

Wonderful pages, your handwriting is so beautiful. Anesha

Karen said...

Do you know Kaz...I am so proud to know you personally as you are such an inspiration to me. As a CFS sufferer I am going to echo Dyans message if thats alright my lovely. HUGS XXX

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