Wednesday, 2 June 2010

May to June 365 and a couple of other pics

Well I'm still up to date, although at times I'm doing a few days together. I'm really enjoying it still and I can see a difference from my early pages now. These are the May pages, but they ended up a bit squished in the corner so they didn't cover the flower! Another lesson learnt.

I didn't add too many extras this month, just a couple of dog stamps here and there.

I had a couple of grumpy days too for a change, but it was ok as it meant I could use the new Stampotique dog and he fitted perfectly onto one of the squares!

My most favourite days were spent at the retreat with my bubbly friends.

I've made painted pages for June with a summery feel (I can hope). I made the edges separately and stamped them with a dotty background stamp, then cut them and stuck them on. I was going to do some Paperartsy houses along the bottom, but decided to make my own beach hut style so I could stamp the letters on.

And to finish up, seeing as I'm at Lynne's for a few days, I have some pet photos. Mopsy is now able to get into the outside run again and is loving it.

And, as for Jessie, she has been enjoying the sunshine today ending up with a shower when Lynne watered the garden ......

......... but she's very good when it comes to being dried afterwards.

Kaz xx


Janice said...

Lovely photos Kaz. Jess looks like she loved the water.

Hazel said...

Awww lovely photos of Mopsy and Jessie. You've done so well with keeping up with the journey. I love, love the pages getting ready for June - very summery x

Karen said...

I love both sets of your pages my are so artistic !

awe look at Jessie hahaha XXX

thekathrynwheel said...

Fabulous calendar pages - especially like the beach hut style houses! And I LOVE your buuny. Too cute!
Well done for keeping up with the challenge - almost half way through now! Kate x

Carol said...

Kaz, I really love your colors. Is there somewhere within your blog where you explain HOW you lay down colors for your journal? Please email me separately. Thx.

tracy said...

loving your journal kaz :),great pet photos too :) great post altogether xx

Kathy said...

What a fab post today, Kaz
Love the journal pages - I say that every month, but it's very true.
Lovely pics of the fluffies and the soggy fluffy too!

Traceyr said...

Jess does look like she is smiling in the last photo and Mopsy is so cute.

Love your June pages and the beach huts.

Your May pages are wonderful and I did smile at the entry were you, Karen and me laughed too much at the retreat!!!! hahahaha Happy Days.


Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

Cute pages! Patsy from