Monday, 16 August 2010

Round Storage Unit

I've been decorating another of the lovely ~{Revolving Storage Units}~ from ~{Tando-Creative}~. I went for 3 layers on mine so I can get as much on my desktop as possible so I don't have to keep getting up and down when I craft. You have the choice of either 1, 2 or 3 layers on this one.

I have decorated it in a similar way to the ~{Revolving Inkpad Storage}~ that I blogged before.

This time though, I thought I'd try and spray paint it for speed, but I discovered that I'm not good with a can and didn't like the finish on it, so I ended up giving it a coat of Gesso afterwards. After that I sanded it gently to give it a smooth surface ready for stamping, which was done with Stazon Inks. I stamped the Stampotique flower in pink, then masked it and stamped an Autumn Leaves swirl onto the top and part of a Paperbag Studio stamp on the layers.

I have tidied up the edges by painting with black acrylic paint and then doodled a little flower design down the sides. I think I might colour the flower pink too.

As you can see by the next two photos, I have got plenty on it, especially the essentials that I use all the time.

Again I did a big spin test to make sure nothing flew off!!

I thought I'd finish with a photo of my desk showing how both units sit on the top, full of goodies, but still leaving me lots of space to work with. I don't think it'll be looking so tidy on Wednesday, but I had to make the effort of clearing it so it looked professional(ish) for the Tando Blog!!!

Kaz xx


Annie said...

Love the new storage unit and what you've done to it Kaz.
A x

Kathy said...

Everything looks extremely neat and well-organised, your storage looks really fab

Di said...

Fantastic Kaz, I love what you have done with your storage.

Your desk is sooo neat...that is so not you ....all in the name of professionalism for Tando's blog of course though ha ha....xx

Caroline said...

You have beaten me to it Kaz - I have both the same two units as you, but not blogged them yet! They were the instigators of my massive craft room tidy up, lol. Still tidying though - does it ever end?

Hazel said...

Oh I love, love, love these storage units. The circular revolving ones makes my 'lazy susan' look such an ancient idea in comparison. x

Janice said...

They look amazing Kaz.

Linby said...

How fab - I love your decoration.

Sue said...

Oh I love your decoration on the unit Kaz. So pretty.
Is that tub of pencils from a certain favourite store of yours? ha ha.
Sue x

Angie said...

I so love these units

Carol said...

Sp clean and TIDY!!! Great organization!