Monday, 22 November 2010

Art, Heart and Healing Journal Page

After only doing half of week 2 and none of week 3 on this course via ~{Willowing}~ I went straight into the final week's page. This was to make a healing angel. Hhmm. I had quite a few goes before I got a face I was happy with.

I had to cheat, though, as I struggled with the hands so I put them behind a heart. And I stamped two sets of ~{Angel Boy}~ wings instead of drawing them.
As I'd drawn everything on paper and cut them out, I could go to town with the background before sticking them on, so it's more my style than the pretty pretty angel type.
I shall still practise drawing the whimsy style faces and one day I may be able to draw 2 half decent ones in a row!

Kaz xxx


Dylan said...

this is fabby, well done girlie xx

Mandy aka Crafty Angel said...

your whimsy face is perfect!! stop stop stop, she is gorgeous!!! LOVE the colours of your page, beautiful work. so sad course is over, I am her working on another angel, as I have missed it so much, she is a button angel, will share her over next few days, take care xx

Karen said...

Oh Kaz! She has the most beautiful face! I love the ay she is holding a heart too...very profound XXX

Carmen said...

She is gorgeous. I love the pinks and reds and those wings are perfect.

I'm still just about to start week 2 - can't wait to get to the angel.

Traceyr said...

Brilliant drawing Kaz you have certainly got the faces right she is beautiful. I thought the hands were "hidden on purpose" tee hee that is my trick too. x


Bluefairy4U said...

Hi Kaz, this is beautiful, well done loved it straight away. Hugs JO.xx

Chris said...

awwww Kaz she is gorgeous... hasn't the course been wonderful!!
I've just finished my Angel and thoroughly enjoyed it. I wasn't too happy with my face but I just carried on in the end. I think the more we practice the better we will get eh :D
Chris xx

Kathy said...

She's lovely Kaz, and I hope she waves her healing magic over you