Wednesday, 1 December 2010

365 Journal - November

We're now up to the last month of the 365 Journal via ~{Kate's Blog}~ and I am amazed as this is the first time I've started something in January and followed it through. I've loved it as I've learnt a lot over the year and think I may well carry it on next year!

So here are November's pages:

The images come from ~{The Octopode Factory}~. It's been a bit of a boring month though as, although the shingles have gone, the increase in M.E symptoms haven't, so I've spent rather a lot of time slobbed on my poor sofa.

I did manage to go to Lynne's for a weekend which was fun and I only had one 'grumpy dog day' which wasn't bad considering!

I went to town a bit with the December pages by embossing bauble stamps with white powder. The stamps are the only Christmas stash I bought this year!! I know! Amazing isn't it?! Then I used the watercolour crayons that are my fave things at the mo, and did a little bit of stamping. The letters are the Tim Holtz Sissex ones, cut twice and glued then glossy accented.

Kaz xxx


Karen said...

Am I sad because I got excited to see my name ???? Awe honey, December pages are beautiful, lets hope it gets filled with smillies instead of grumpy dogs HUGS XXX

Angelnorth said...

Fab pages! Sorry that grumpy dog put in an appearance because he was necessary rather than just having a cameo for November though. Those bauble stamps are absolutely gorgeous, fab Dec pages!

Carol said...

Kaz, You do THE BEST pages EVER!
I love your COLOR and the Christmas balls are GREAT!!!!

Traceyr said...

Kaz I love the November pages. The way you have glossy accented certain parts it really is a eye popper!

The December baubles are lovely too did you mask them first when you sprayed the background?

I do hope you don't have many sofa days this month honey x x


thekathrynwheel said...

Woweee! Your pages are fab. Love the use of the Octopode images, and the colours of both pages just pop! Well done for keeping up all year - I'm going to keep going next year too :-)

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