Thursday, 2 December 2010

Dyan's Christmas Tag Challenge - well sort of

It's only a 'sort of' tag for ~{Dyan's Challenge}~ because I was faffing and kind of veered away from the challenge itself. I had planned on doing Tim's tags, but wanted to use Stampotique stamps, but *whispers* I'm afraid the Tim-tag, although nice enough, just didn't get me going! *Stands back and awaits a backlash*
So, if Dyan will forgive me, here's my tag:

I used the goose from Download 33 and a phrase (I chose this one - see I'm a cheater, but it made me laugh) from Download 37. I then used 5 Stampotique stamps:
~{6103 Twinkie}~ - removing his head and arms!
~{6114 Crown}~
~{3000 Medium Bee}~  for the wings
~{3022 Mistletoe}~,  and
~{3030 Kiss-mas}~

I'm hoping that I will be forgiven because I did use the downloads and ~{AFTH}~ do sell Stampotiques!!

I used paint for the background and used my homemade cereal box background stamps with a bit of doodling of course.

Kaz xxx


Dylan said...

Course you are forgiven, the aim is to give every one a giggle. I've always loved the quote, lol. I will be using Stampotique on some of mine as well, you just can,t not can you.??? I think they are the perfect match for my sayings. Carry on being you and I'll carry on being me xx

Angelnorth said...

Hee hee, fab saying and your composite person/swan thingy is perfect with it!

Gez Butterworth said...

Brilliant Kaz.. I must be in the same boat as you as T!m didn't get me going either..rofl.
I do love your tag & that saying is great.. I did everything possible not to spit my mouth of coffee out all over the keyboard. Love it Kaz.xx

cookcreateread said...

Hello Kaz :)
I LOVE THIS TAG!!! Sorry for shouting, but it felt necessary! Love that quote, and your little goose-man is A.DOR.A.BLE!!!

Artyjen said...

That has made my day Kaz....such fun....I'm sure T!m would want us to have fun no matter what ingredients we use ;) LOL
xoxo Sioux

Karen said...

hahahahaha!!!!! This is WONDERFUL and really YOU!!!!! I am the same about Tims tag so will stand in the naughty corner with you hahaha XXX

Sandra Hall said...

There's a touch og genius in that tag! Love it! x

Kathy said...

Love it Kaz!

Carmen Wing said...

HA! Love it - what a giggle!

Janice said...

I think perhaps we should be 'doing a Kaz tag' thing - you do your own thing girl, it's what you do best ;)

thekathrynwheel said...

Ha ha ha ha ha :-))) Love it!
p.s. The Tim tags don't do it for me either. Shhhhh!

Traceyr said...

I agree with you about the T!m tags.
The sentiment on your tag made me chuckle.


Sue said...

I love your tag, especially they way you have choped up a Stampotique image lol x

Karen said...

Thanks for the laugh! Too funny. I just want to know who's talking. Is the duck trying to lure someone under the mistletoe, or, even more funny (I think) is it the duck talking, because, really, that duck shouldn't really get too choosy. But isn't that guys for you? They think they are all hot stuff, no matter how much of a Unabrow/Missing Link they are....
Thanks for the laugh and great tag! I'm glad you veered in that direction!