Monday, 6 December 2010

Happy Birthday Jessie!

My hairy niece is one today!

It's hard to believe she was this tiny a year ago

This is how she is happiest - playing ball (always has to be 2)

giving kisses

or helping out with a problem!

She's brought a whole lot of love and fun.

Kaz xxx


Kathy said...

oh wow! it can't be a whole year already!!!!!!!
great pics, Kaz - happy birthday Jess

Angelnorth said...

Crikey, is it really a year?! Fab collection of pics!

Janice said...

Aw, lovely photos Kaz. Happy Birthday Jess, look at that tiny puppy and the big hairy bounce that she has become!

Sue said...

Ooooh she's gorgeous, the grow up too quickly don't they x

Karen said...

Awe....Jess looks so beautiful! Her markings are lovely! Hard to believe its been a year isn't it?

Here....Lynn has nicked my nest of tables!!!!!!!!!! hahaha XXX

Net said...

Blimey where's that year gone to!

She's a beauty, love those speckled paws.

Traceyr said...

Sorry belated birthday wishes to a fellow Sagittarian albeit a doggie one. woof woof Jess!

:) x