Monday, 23 May 2011

Tando Masks

I've finally finished the box I took to the retreat last weekend and had plans to do loads of stamping on it but, as soon as I saw the masks from ~{Tando-Creative}~ that Di took with her, that all changed! The masks are such a good quality as they are slightly thicker than most other ones I have used which means they don't flick up as you are using them.

First off I painted the box using 3 colours of Eco Green Acrylic paints then, for the border, I used the Stitches Group mask with white acrylic paint and doodled around them. They are so easy to line up.

I then used the Random Circles mask with Distress Ink on the body of the box.

Seeing as it's a box to hold some stamps, I had to do a little stamping so I used
~{6119 Hanging Hearts}~
and ~{6006 Two Sticks}~ who I decided needed a hairdo like they'd been plugged into the mains!
These were stamped onto chipboard shapes that had been painted and some highlights added.

The tiny hearts and ribbons are from my stash and I printed the wording. Naturally it's all finished off with a load of doodling - I find it so relaxing to sit and add bits and pieces and I have to remind myself that not too long ago I would never have trusted myself to just add things done by hand.

You can keep up to date with new releases by clicking ~{here}~
 ~{Tando-Creative}~ is a trade store, but you can find stockists by clicking ~{HERE}~.

Kaz xxx


Karen said...

I WANT that box!!!!!! just gorgeous my lovely! Those mask are pretty amazing aren't they? XXX

Carol said...

wow what a gorgeous piece - those masks look fab!

Hazel said...

This is fabaroo!! I think I need to investigate these masks x

Angelnorth said...

Fantastic box, the masks/stencils have done you proud and of course your doodling and personalising of the stamping (love those hairdos!) makes it undeniably "you" - love it!

Traceyr said...

Kaz beautifully decorated box. I bought that mask too but not used that design yet - I've been too busy playing with the other ones.


Janice said...

It's lovely Kaz, great doodling.

Gez said...

Stunning, stunning box Kaz ♥♥♥

Caroline said...

Gorgeous box, Kaz, and I love the colour...x